UMK3 Juggernaut's Hack


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I like the hacks for UMK3 (Mame). I know there are many, but my favorite is the "UMK3 Juggernauts hack". I like to fight against Human Smoke and NoobSaibot, but I do not want these characters on the characters selection screen.


My question is: Do you know how?
I know it is possible by modifying the um312u54.bin file, but I do not know how.

PS: Only for fun purposes.
Why not? Because it blocks the fighter? I think you mean you want the character portrait behind the fighter?
1- If I select to Noob Saibot says: "Kano Wins"

2- Noob Saibot hasn't powers and fatalities (is not funny to play with him)

3- Yes. I hate this: