UMK3 for the iphone: unlocking Ermac


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Het guys, I've been playing UMK3 a lot now ever since the update they released for it, but I'm having some trouble.

In the game you can unlcok Ermac and Jade. To unlock Ermac you have to beat arcade on any difficulty and when it shows the hidden treasures at the end to pick from you must choose the third symbol (the yin and yang) to unlock Ermac.

The problem is every time I beat arcade and I get there the only symbol that's highlighted that it will let me pick is the 1st symbol (dragon symbol)

Is anyone having the same problem?
And can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong??
not sure about the iphone version but in arcade you can choose the treasures depending on the difficulty, more difficult you play more treasures to choose from
I have that game on my iPod Touch and not too long ago, an updated was released, giving you all the characters from the arcade version. I only play it if I'm on the road and I wanna get some fights in.

But to answer your question, choose the second treasure after beating the game and you'll unlock him. I don't know about it now after the massive update which gave you everybody from the arcade version.
I don't know about anyone else, but I just can't get used to the on screen joystick. It was impossible for me to beat Motaro since I couldn't get the diagonal movements to respond when I wanted to, I'd either be jumping in the wrong direction or hopping up and down. Meanwhile, Motaro was having a one-beast volleyball game with my character.