UMK3 for DS


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Hi guys I was just wondering if any of you have UMK3 for DS and if it still has a descent kommunity online?

My buddy is a huge fan of UMK3 for xbox and has a DS so i figured i'd grab him a copy of it for his graduation gift.

Thanks a lot!


I have it for iPod Touch and I would expect that the graphics & gameplay style would be quite similar. I'm unsure about the online gameplay but from what I've gathered there are plenty of DS UMK3 online players.
There's a thread here for UMK3 friend codes, there's most likely a few folks around here that still play it.
I own it as well. I've only been online with it like twice though, and both times I had to wait a good 5-10 minutes for an opponent.
I am years years too late, but me and some mates still play UMK DS Online using AltWFC. We also have a Discord channel, there you can play others online in Deception, Armageddon and UMK DS. Pretty sweet.