UFC 141 for free


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UFC 141 (Lesnar vs Overeem) will be free and live on dec 30th 2011 on the ufc app on xbox live. What are the chances that we get more events such as this, or is it just a one time deal that is just one big advertisement?
That's awesome. Is the fight still on though? Last I heard Overeem had issues getting licensed because of drug testing problems.
i wish i would of known this cause lately my cousin been watching a lot of ufc and he's trying to get me into it again,he told me he was buying 141, wtf i wanna know how lesnar will do this time around cause last time that mexican dude beat him to a bloody pulp. he even appeared to have shrunk after the fight lol. he's huge but he has no stamina, the trick is to survive the first round after that its a wrap.
Brock Lesnar actually has decent stamina, especially or someone his size. Check out his fight against Heath Herring. Reason why he lost so quickly against Cain is that the dude is a beast. Now Overeem, his stamina is questionable, and it showed heavily during that fight with Werdum. The longer I see this fight happening, the more its in Brock's favor.

btw, the trick to train for the whole fight, not to survive 1 round.
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Brock got knocked the F**K out just as I predicted by Overreem! Nick Diaz vs Donald C. was a real good fight as well!