U know what would be awesome for UMK3


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DLC. Seriously, just add one extra box on each side of the screen for DLC and give us more kharacters. UMK3 is by far the best game they have made and most ppl agree. It would be sooooo much easier for them to make characters for this game and pump them out cuz of the technology back then. MK9 has so much more detail into the kharacters and finishing moves, back then making things were very easy. Hell ppl make their own MK games all the time, look at MK Anthology with 146 kharacters in it and each with their own finishing moves. Grant it, they used too many of the same kharacters..lol, but still shows how easy it was and even the guy said it was very easy to do using sprites.

Yeah yeah, I know they have MK9 now and should focus on that, but I still believe they could make easy money and add kharacters to this game or they could just remake MK Armageddon and get rid of the Kreate A Fatality and give everyone their own finishing moves. That would be awesome too
Remake armageddon?? O.O . Please no, they should stick witht the current 2D format and continue on with the series rather than looking back.
I don't think a remake is necessarily needed. I say just keep going they way they are going with mk9. But add on new content and include the things that made the other games so amazing. I wouldn't mind brutalaties, and animalities, and even more stages and fatalities. Give us more content and stories. I would love to see most of the previous characters brought back with better moves and more purpose than the last time.
What they need to do is divide it into a few games..

Classic UMKT: 360, PS3, Wii release; use the engine from the UMK port for the DS but add every character MK1-7

Mortal Kombat (2011): 360, PS3, Wii release; which is MK9 up to the last DLC

Mortal Kombat 2 (2012): 360, PS3, Wii release; which would be MK9 but go through where it left off to the rest of MK7

Mortal Kombat 3(20??): Xbox 720, PS4, Wii2 (or whatever) release; and use this for new characters and stuff like that following whatever timeline they want

Only thing I'd change is the names of the games
Add the missing characters. Please don't allow regular people to make "new" characters. Let the professionals handle it.

I don't want to play online against a person who can throw 6 fireballs on me by pressing one button.