Two New Fakes by Saph


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I was bored yesterday so I got to work on some little stuff. I noticed that I've left you guys out in the rain because I've gotten so busy with my comic. Please forgive me.


A little DBZ thing I made. I don't remember if I posted my older fakes with Tai here, but if I didn't, Tai is the son of Goten, and Shin Goku is the fusion of Goku with Shenlong. To be quick, Tai was walking through town and Shin Goku came and attempted to kick him.


Kaitetsu versus Ayame. I'd like to say I worked really hard with this one, like I used to, but I honestly didn't, I just got the idea for Kaitetsu to be in a fight with a female samurai and the fake was born. Actually, I had originally planned for someone to be attacking him from behind, but it's kind of hard to show that with a non-moving picture.

And, as a little bonus, I'll throw in some little pics I made.

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Dude I'm loving all of them. But i really like the flaming kick one that kics ass. Just because I can't do that 10/10 all around
These are OKAY. 7/10 for first.. 6.5/10 for second, and third&fourth both 5/10.

First one has absolutely no shadows, and that makes this whole picture seem unrealistic. If you were going for realism, there would still be about a 10-15% opaque shadow there. Also, if it is his left leg that he is kicking with, the flames would be over the left leg, not underneath it. The size also destroys this pictures capabilities.

The second one you shown has way too much happening into it. Too many things that grab your attention. For one, the japanese characters. They should be removed. The size of the picture should be smaller so that top is about 3px from the top of the lifebar. Time is missing, and that takes away from the fighting-game feel of it. Also, for some reason, the tip of the right lifebar appears to resemble the head of a penis, but not the left. Next time, complete copy&paste your lifebars.

Three and four.. I'm sorry, but this is just.. what the hell is this? It's just two sprites on a background. Whether you've made them or not, changes nothing. The third is rather disappointing. It's just the same old emo-lovey sounding sludge sprayed upon an enlarged version of number four. Maybe if the picture was blurred with photoshop, and not blurred due to the size change, it would've made some difference.