Turok and Mortal Kombat?


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Note: This in no way shape or form refers to the recent Turok remake game on 360 and ps3.

For those you who are familiar with the Turok games and comics, I've pondered this many times before..but there's so many similarities between the two. Specifically Turok in the Valiant/Acclaim era of comics and the acclaim games.

First off, Turok is not a person but a title passed down through generation to generation of Native Americans. It is a burden they take up and their goal is to protect Earth.

So, in. Mortal Kombat we have Raiden's heroes to protect Earth from Outworld. (Nightwolf is irrelevant to this, any game could have an Indian type character)

In Turok, they specifically protect Earth from a place called the Lost Land which is a place that has merged beings and places from all of existance, past present or future. Like the Nexus, time does not exist here. So this place also reminds me alot of Outworld.

And next, one of Turok's main boss type villains is The Campaigner who looks, acts, and has a similar position as Shao Kahn. He is tyrant who enslaves the people of the Lost Land and even tries to break the barrier in to Earth so he can rule that as well.

The Campaigner:image.jpg

I remember watching an interview with John Tobias or (maybe it was John Vogel) saying they get most of their inspiration from books, movies, and comic books. It clearly shows and for example: Kabal/The Flash. But there's no knowing for sure if Turok inspired them at least not to my knowledge. Curious about everyone's thoughts.