Turning Off Quote Notifications

Shirayuki Mizore

New member
Was just wondering if an option to turn off quote notifications would be applicable. I'm on a couple of forums right now and all of them offer notifications for quotes, but I always have them disabled as I'd just rather not be notified. I feel I can track my own posts and responses to them without this feature, so I really get kind of bothered when I gave to click the notification and travel to my profile page every time just to make it go away. Then when someone continues to quote me, especially when his/her post is right under mine, it gets to be a nuisance for me.

So was just wondering if down the line there would be an option to disable this feature, as I can't say I'm a huge fan of it. Thanks for listening, staff homies :marchmellow:


TRMK Super Moderator
At current, the only on/off toggled options are PMs and thanks.

Pat is looking into if there is an option to add where you can toggle on/off quotes/mentions too.