True or False: Tremor was Lin Kuei


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Hey all,

I ran across a link to an RP (roleplay for those that don't know) community for Mortal Kombat. One of the people RPs as Tremor. Here's the link to the site that he created for him:

I give him props for trying to flesh out a character and using creative freedom in doing so but I'm curious about something that he put in. He mentions that Tremor was once part of the Lin Kuei. This isn't the first time that I've heard that but I cannot find any official source that confirms that. Can anyone provide feedback?


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The bio given to Rain in most instruction manuals, which states that he is a Lin Kuei ninja, actually belonged to Tremor? Tremor was to be put in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but eventually pulled out. However, in early versions of the game his bio would appear as a glitch.

Rain's false Bio that originally belonged to Tremor can be found below.

Rain - Tremor Bio
Rain is an assassin working freelance. He was once a member of the Lin Kuei along with Sub-Zero, but left the clan under mysterious circumstances. Years later, Rain is found working for Shao Kahn as an assassin in the Outworld. Born a human, he finds himself questioning his loyalty towards Kahn after watching the invasion of Earth."




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His alternate bio did not show up in MK Trilogy as a glitch (despite what some websites claim). However, it was printed in an instruction manual that came with the game by mistake:



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Well I don't think it's canon as of right now with the MK story and they just have him as always being a Black Dragon thug. I do LOVE the idea of him having an interesting backstory involving the Lin Kuei harking back to this bio mishap in MKT, but I don't think NRS will ever expand on that. All we have in the original timeline is his MK:SF role.


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Hmm a guy who graduated this year and is working on getting his bachelor's in engineering isn't too intelligent. Who knew!

Shoulda read the title a second time before rushing that post, though.

Probably should've thought twice about making a random gay joke about characters sleeping together, too.


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I find it funny coming from you. XD

Not going to get back into that debate with you. I just don't see what's funny about saying two characters had some sort of gay affair. Its the most random thing ever and random doesn't equal funny. You might as well make fun of Jax for saying stuff like "Aww yea" and wearing big goofy ass chains, Kenshi for being blind and a deadbeat dad, and Mileena for being a butter faced whore. At least those things are true.

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Tobias mentioned that his original plan for him was to be Lin K. or hired by the Lin K. if I remember correctly.