True beauty - a Vega fanfic

Lol reminds me of Wesker and Hitler :laugh:

Gotta create that superior race.

Chun Li and Vega rape scene please :rolleyes:


Nah but for real, nice work.
Lord have mercy that was detailed and well written.

Also, for sound effects you might want to put them into Italics
I was worried that it wasn't detailed enough, lol. I feel hella dumb because I forgot to describe the setting. If I remembered that it would have been better.

I should put it in italics but i'm lazy.
Next update should be soon. Tomorrow or Saturday maybe. If you have any (constructive) criticism, don't hesitate to post it; I need it.
Yeah so I missed a "y" so fvcking what?
Tell you what, when and if I drop out of college then you can correct me on my grammar.