TRMK's Interview with Ed Boon


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Not counting Quan chi and Kenshi (mk 2011)
The chances are...

Mr. Ice

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I think it was a great interview. Def one of the best ones out there so far. Loads of good info.

I kinda expected MK4 cahracters to return, but it's nice to see it confirmed. Question is, how many? Did Ed really mean just 1? Or will there be more?

Not counting Chi, he's a given. So... Fujin or Shinnok? Or both? Or could it be Tanya? I'd love to see all four (hopefully).


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We can't do fatalities against ferra? This is so annoying. She is the only playable character who can do fatalities (and x-rays) against everybody but can not be done fatalities on.


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My vote for returning MK4 char goes to none other than Reiko.
It's just time they do something with the character with the most enigmatic ending in MK history.
Pat, is it confirmed that NRS will develop the PC version? Oddly enough yesterday's Steve Beran interview wasn't the first when an NRS employee doesn't even mention the PC version. Ed Boon mentioned twice that maybe NRS would do it but I haven't read any official confirmation. You talked to Ed off-record and listed NRS as developers at MKX PC so did he say anything more concrete about it or is it just a hint so far?


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[MENTION=1]Patrick McCarron[/MENTION]

How are the enhanced attacks performed? Are the inputs the same as in MK9 or Injustice? Like Sub-Zero's EX Slide, is it b, f, 4 + block or, b, f, 4, block?


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Enhanceds are different in MK and Injustice.
In Injustice the BLK is pressed simultaneously with the special's button, while in Injustice it goes afterwards.
That said, it would be nice in which of the two fashions they are performed in MKX.