TRMK's E3 Pre-show MK: Armageddon Sneak Preview

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Welcome to <b>TRMK's</b> sixth year of live <b>E3</b> show coverage. In the <b>TRMK</b> tradition, we managed to sneak into the show early and gather some information and photos of the <b>Midway</b> booth at <b>E3</b> this year.

This year it seems they have stepped up the promotion of <a href="">Mortal Kombat: Armageddon</a> and placed four playable <b>Xbox</b> kiosks running the game out in the lobby of the <b>West Hall</b> just outside of <b>Midway's</b> booth location. They also have a large row of eight kiosks inside of <b>Midway's</b> booth in West Hall.
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0043.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0043-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a> <a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0049.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0049-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a><br>
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0050.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0050-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a> <a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0052.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0052-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a><br>
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0054.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0054-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a> <a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0056.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0056-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a><br>
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0069.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0069-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a> <a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0094.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0094-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a>
We also got an exclusive first look at how the new <b>Fatality</b> system looks. Take a look at this placard and the other two special move cards.
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0071.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0071-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a> <a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0073.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0073-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a><br>
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0070.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0070-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a>
There was also a sighting of a large poster of <a href="">Mortal Kombat: Armageddon</a> off on the side of the building which you can see from Interstate 110. Reportedly the file for this banner image was 20 gigabytes.
<a href="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0009.JPG"><IMG SRC="/images/e3/2006/IMG_0009-small.JPG" class="newslink"></a>
Be sure to check back tomorrow for even more information live from the show floor!
awesome stuff...

now we know some of Tavens moves

- Inner Fire
- Rising of Hatred
- Godly Charge
- Speed of Light
Loooking pretty good gentlemen. I like the random Dwayne Johnson banner up on the wall.
What is scorpion's hellfire punch and where is scorpion's teleport attack?

I am pretty sure his hellfire punch is his old teleport punch. His teleport kick isn't being used because it shouldn't have been a kick as his original teleport attack was a punch.
I liked the name Bob better, but this is a more professional name.

Thanks for the pics, can't wait for more. These moves lists are awsome, as well as the giant poster on the wall outside.
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