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Okay, so as anyone who hasn't been living under a rock in Siberia knows, TRMK has been everything but dead lately, I decided to create the TRMK Restoration Committee, which is run and composed of myself and me.

So, now that we've established what it is I am trying to do, we need to find out how it is I'm going to go about doing that. I brainstormed about ten thousand ideas, each one dying as soon as it was born, until I came up with this idea. Ladies, gentlemen and K1ll, I present to you, the first....



Bare in mind that this is just a first screen-shot, and as I have no prior experience to this type of work it may take months or even years for this dream to become a reality, so here's what I ask of you. I ask for those of you who have talents, and I mean really have talents in this line of work, not just those who want to help but really don't have any idea how to make a game. I need a team, and I want it soon. Together we can make this game, and revive the fallen kingdom of TRMK!

Speaking of which, that's the story: Revive the Fallen Kingdom of TRMK. TRMK was the kingdom of the world many years ago, but the provinces in it began to dispute who the ruler should be, and eventually destroyed the beautiful paradise. Your mission: create a character and travel around the world seeking to either revive TRMK, or control your own world. There will be, initially, four classes to choose from: Roamer, a balanced class which would be the equivilant of the Thief class from Final Fantasy. Paladin, a class which is incredibly wise and will hold many keys. Knight, A warrior against the Revival, the strongest class, but not the one that many smile upon and finally you have the Ronin class, a class of ex-knight/samurai who have 3/4's the power of the Knights, but fight on the side of the Revival. Making your own characters is something I'm currently tweaking, but will be a feature I'm hoping on adding.

Okay, right now this is just an idea I am having, and without anyone's help I know I can't get it done, what with running my comic and school, but if we work as a team I know it will be possible.

So, for those of you who want to, and are able to, help, please speak up now.

Half the reason I barely post here is because there are hardly any interesting threads worth posting at. All the wrestling threads went bye bye, noone posts in the Post Your- threads like Jokes, pet peeves, etc.

and the other reason is I'm too lazy too log in.

But yeah, that would be cool, unfortunately Im a gonor at these. So good luck, and I hope you make it a reality. CUz I would like to play it, Im sure.
Holy crap, Sapphire! Nice sig... lol That seems like a good idea, but I, for one, don't have the time to play MMOs... Nothing against em, tho.
I know nothing of creating role-playing games, I just about created a fighting game once, but nothing like this. But I think if this is going to be TRMK related, It's going to have to at least have something to do with MK. The character classes should be things like Ronin = Lin Kuei, Paladin = Sorcerors, Roamer = Tarkatan, Knight = Special Forces etc, and to choose whether you want to be for or against too. I'd be the knight straight away, in things like this I always choose the more powerful melee combatant, but then I'd have to be a bad guy and I don't want that.
Same goes for me. I have no idea how to make these types of games yet. I'm still on the storyline and moves part on the game I'm working on my free time. I agree with Goraka there. It needs something MK related in order for TRMK to come back to its glory days. Add a lot more races in there, including the ones that no one ever done, plus more factions. If I'm in there, I'm either neutral or part of the White Lotus Society. But everything else, keep working on it Sapphire and the dream will come true.
Well sapphire. I do have a slight knowledge in this area as I tried to create on of these myself. But due to the fact no one wanted to help me and was time consuming I gave it up. I wouldn't mind helping you in this weither (sp?) it be programming in some codes or think of storylines or plots. If you would require my assistance just ask or PM me
I don't think there should be a story line. Because Story Line = Ending. Every story line has an ending. I was hoping more about quest or something. Leveling up. Like an online game.=]
I don't want to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but the odds of this going through is pretty slim. It's nice to see someone is attempted to restore TRMK. Good luck saph.
This MIGHT work. All we need is a website that'll do it. I know a place but I'm gonna need more info about this mmorpg.
I could make some avatars and stuff, not to mutch of a spriter toh, i have a frieand that is toh (not talking about a sprite editer he makes them from scratch)
Eh, I miss the old TRMK days, but this sounds intruiging. Instead of editing sprites you should create a unigue mortal kombat style world + characters. If you REALLY plan on doing this then your going to want originallity, not sprite edits. I could help with some of the maps a bit. I used to help some quick mmo creaters with that + some character edits. Although I'm kinda lazy so you'll need to motivate me with good progress before i join in... Long live TRMK!!