TRMK Marketplace?

Should TRMK Have a Marketplace?

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So with MK releasing soon and some people not being able to obtain the version they want.
Should TRMK have a marketplace for selling anything MK related memorabilia, old games, the new bookends and fightstick etc...
I think this would work really well especially if there is like a $100-$200 limit. This would help keep users from being ripped off from ebayers and stuff.
I like it.
Could be a cool way to buy dlc cards off of people who don't want them.
I'd say you need to be at least a "Kombatant" to apply for this, and you must have a rep of at least 5.
That's not a bad idea; the proceeds from selling those items could go back into helping the site and going wherever else its needed.
Great idea. So on the subject of what would be purchasable:

I'm guessing:
-TRMK shirts [maybe comical/etc. shirts without being CR infringement along with crossover type shirts?]
-Event shirts
-Soundtracks [I know a few people trying to sell MK2 soundtracks on another site]
-Games [Self-explainatory]
-Kontent from KE/TE
-Key rings/stickers/etc.
-Maybe art?
-Movies [self explainatory]
-Other [things that don't fit here]