TRMK Injustice Tournament


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Anyone interested?

I'm guessing the platform would be PS4 since most of you guys already got it for free through psn. No set date right now, just gauging the forum's interest.

Let's resurrect this game!

Anyone know how to edit the title?
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All of you whenever this tournament goes on.
Batgirl is my main. I finally had one guy rage quit on me, one guy literally put down his controller the entire second round and jobbed to me because i embarrassed him so much in the first round (I seriously wish I was bullshitting on this), and one guy had me within a few hits of beating me with 17 seconds left, and he CHOKED in the next 13 seconds, leading to him sending me hate mail, saying he "should've beaten my easy ass". This all happened the same day in Ranked. Now, I'm busy getting the costume colors for each character in the PS4 port of USF4.

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Lol, I eat Batgirls for breakfast. My footsies game is too skrong. Plus, I know all of her tricks. Her vortex is a guessing game, no way around that, but I have an answer for everything else she has to offer.
Holy crap I'm so happy this is a thing. I suck balls just an fyi.

Like I'm really really bad lol

[MENTION=16316]Last_Starfighta[/MENTION] My WW is okay, but she still sucks.
Holy crap I'm so happy this is a thing. I suck balls just an fyi.

Like I'm really really bad lol

[MENTION=16316]Last_Starfighta[/MENTION] My WW is okay, but she still sucks.
I hope you're not discouraged by Batgirl players...

EDIT: Eh....I'll go easy on you if we ever do Injustice. You do need some practice before I unleash Batgirl against you.

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What kind of problems are you having? Execution? Match up? Meta?

Mainly execution. I'm sure it's because I went into the game thinking it was going to play similar to MK, but it really doesn't. WW is easy to use for me (she has a square wave punch like Kitana and a projectile), but setting up combos and knowing the spacing between hits screws me up.

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This is pretty accurate tbh

WW has some of the best normals in the game. She has tons of options to open up opponents. B11 is plus on block and covers a good amount of distance. Hit confirm into b113+23+B3+J3+B113+lasso grab or if they block B11 you have the choice or using b2(overhead)+ 3/lasso grab or 33(low). 33 can be followed up with 23+B3+ blah blah blah.

33 is a great starter as well. Plus on block, hits low. If my opponents blocks 33, I like to follow up with d1 then another 33. Or 33, B2+3.

D12 is very fast and can be convert into ex tiara+combo.

WW also has one of the best D3 and D2 in the game. Both are good footsies tools. Abuse them. If you land a D3, you can cross up air dash, bait a wake up attack or mix up. This is where match up knowledge comes into play. Characters with bad wake up attacks like Aquaman and Green Lantern, go for the cross up. Characters with good wake ups like Deathstroke and Batgirl, bait them.

B2+3 is one of the best normals in the game. Great footsies tool, great whiff punisher. Spam this thing until your opponents respects it.

If you opponent is good at blocking your mix ups, use air dash to cross them up. B11+air dash, 33+air dash. D1+ air dash. Naked cross up air dash works just as good. Most people online can't block cross ups. Exploit that. It's even more dangerous when you get good at "instant air" it.

Her Demi dash is a amazing weapon. Just like her air dash, the lower the better. It's a great for punishing fools who think they can zone you out. If you time it right, you can punish zoners during their projectile animation.

Lasso grab is a hard knockdown. Very dangerous in the corner. Speaking of the corner, WW has weapons there as well. Get a lasso grab in the corner and a world of possibilities are open to you: Amazonian Smash is a OTG so it crushes all wake up attempts and can be converted in a full combo. If you opponent doesn't wake up and decides to block, Forward Jump Amazonian smash hits on the other side of the opponent so it works as a cross up. On block in the corner, you also have your general mix up options, 33, F3,B2.

Mid screen, if you land a hard knockdown next to your opponent, F3 will actually cross them up if you time it right. If they try to wake up, their attack will go on the opposite side. Some wake up attacks will still hit you tho. A set up for this is combo starter+23+B3+dash forward+F3(hard knockdown). After the F3, you have the option of doing another F3 to cross them up or B3 if they are good at blocking the F3 cross up. Both can be converted into a combo.

This should steer you in the right direction. I might've left something out tho. I'm sure BBBLP would be happy to correct me :mad:
I'll take her in the lab and see what I can come up with. I really like her sword and shield combos - they're great at corners!
Jesus Christ you FINALLY use b3 after b112?
I swear to god I wanted to powerbomb you ever time you did b112,b11