Tremor's Finishing Moves


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Tremor's finishers


The bottom left, wow!

Don't know what happened, and why theres 2


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Someone found all the pictures for Tremor's finishing moves in the PC version of the game. Enjoy!
And the video that linked me to the pictures, giving credit to the person finding the pics:


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That middle picture has Tremor without his mask I believe, wonder if he still sounds demonic in that variation lol.


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So, from this we can see Tremor has green arms and chest on crystalline variation.

[MENTION=5107]Taj Gill[/MENTION], could you merge this and this?

I agree on merging the posts. Good call, Cryo.

And yeah, the crystalline version seems to have the clearest variation indicator with the green arms and chests.
I did spot mask-less Tremor as well, but I highly doubt his voice will change because of it. I sincerely hope it doesn't, actually.
Someone found all the pictures for Tremor's finishing moves in the PC version of the game.

So the PC version finally is good for something. This Predator Patch is a mess, game freezes in Practice Mode and in Endless Tower as well. Just like old times! Seriously, Tremor patch is my last hope, if it doesn't fix these haunting issues (crashes, excessive CPU usage, exe running in background, etc.), I'll give up on MKX...


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I would have liked better blue or purple crystals, they are the most common crystals in nature, they look better and there's too much green in the game already.


Crystalline - Green crystalline arms and chest.
Metallic - Gold arms and chest
Aftershock - No mask.

I don't like the no mask thingy, one of the reasons I don't like to play as Royal Storm Kitana or Deceptive Reptile.

EDIT: I see one of the pics has Tremor with rocky arms and masked, so it could be that the different arms are power ups instead of variation differences.


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I am a fan of Tremor and I think he has the some of the best fatalities of the game and his brutalities isn't bad either. Even though he is a slow character I heard amazing things about him from other gamers. I wish I could save up enough money to get the XL edition.