Tremor's fatalities FULL


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So pretty much his Fatalities are 'Tweaked Versions' of Shinnok's OLD Hand Clap and Jax's OLD Head Clamp...maybe I'm in the minority here but he just seems like another meathead bulky type character (Even his Voice Sounds Hulk Smashy) just with earth powers...I'm sure there are a lot of people who like him and will like him but he's not for me.

Tanyas Husband

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I agree with Guyver on that. Recent trailers ruined the DLC fatalities for me.
I'd love if they didn't keep adding both fatalities and the X-Ray into every trailer.
I like the feel of just seeing some gameplay and maybe part of an x-ray, maybe even a split second view of the fatality, but not showing both fatalities + x-ray fully, like Tremor.