"Tremble Like The Earth" Tremor's Official Thread


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Hello, guys.

We've had Tremor for a good while now. I thought it would be good to get an official thread started for him. What better way to introduce it than to state our feelings on his debut? I propose that we start off by stating whether or not you believe his debut delivered. Early discussions on this thread could also be made deeper by stating exactly what you like or dislike about him, in addition to what you would have done differently.

In my opinion, the pros of Tremor far outweigh the cons. I've been waiting for him to become fully playable in a mainstream Mortal Kombat came since Special Forces. That being said, my two cents are below:

-A "new" ninja with a unique power is finally introduced with his inclusion
-His voice fits his look, making him all the more intimidating
-Visually, he has some of the most creative looking variation indicators (my favorite being the Lava skin)
-His fatalities are not too over the top yet brutal in every sense of the word
-His combos are easy to pull off
-High number of brutalities, many of which are easy to pull off
-When tossing the rock up, it will hit, regardless of whether or not your opponent has begun to combo you
-A nod to the game he debuted in (Special Forces) can be heard in one of his interactions with Jax, proving that NRS is not completely disregarding the game's existence

-We're still lacking a proper background story for him, which could have been partially elaborated on with his inclusion the story mode and a better ending story
-His interactions with Jax are not as intense as they could have been
-Feels slow at times during play


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Yeah, I miss the days when people did character guides for the MK characters (like in MK9) and actually discussed gameplay in those individual character threads as well as match-ups.

Even my MK9 Tag Team combo discussion thread died down too quickly, and I made that thread in the hopes that people would discuss more Tag Team combos and strategies, but nope.
People play Tag Team in MK9 like 2 single fights and the Pro FGC dropped it, with the masses following suit and dropping it as well. :(
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"Tremble Like The Earth" Tremor's Official Thread

There was a time it was close though.

I used to stalk the forums back then. I think it's changed because people flock to TYM to the pros to get better info. Shame