Totally Twisted Story


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Kinda for the hell of it, give your favorite MK fighters a history totally made up by you. Go wild, make it silly or serious.

Gotta have something to do until we get some MK8 news.
Let's do it in limerick form! (Or as the Ninjas call it, a "limb-rip")

There was a ninja from nushi
Where all of the town loved sushi
His father got slaughtered and he sleeps with his daughters
So Shao Kahn wants to bite off his head.

Good stuff eh? Anyway this is just silly. What kind of story are you thinking of? Like, take Sub-Zero and make up something totally wierd? Hell I can do that!

One day there was this kid practicing his martial arts in a kickass dojo. But the dojo was hit by a careening truck full of liquid nitrogen. But by an ironic twist of fate, that same day a truck of nuclear waste hit the the same time none-the-less! So little Sub-Zero was hit simultaneously by liquid nitrogen and toxic residue giving him incredible ice powers. But he was always a violent boy and decided to go kill people for fun. And that's how he ended up at the MK tournament.

Now seriously, how is this supposed to work? B/c now Sub has no motivation to go anywhere past MK1.
XD, pretty funny Glam, but remember it's just for fun. This topic is for people to get creative and kinda have something to do. Who knows when Midway will give off more MK8 news?