top 10 ways mortal kombat went wrong

Stupid list, I enjoyed everything on it.

Agreed, man. Most of it had nothing to do with the games at all. I was expecting to see Quan Chi's neck stretch fatality and junk like that. Plus, who on Earth hates "Techno Syndrome?" REALLY?
I agree with 90% of that stuff. I have actively followed MK from 92 on and have liked everything game-wise (except MK4) but when they try to branch out into other mediums I wasn't so interested. A lot of that stuff was whipped together for merchandising revenue with no regard to quality or even relevance to the game in most cases. Stick to the games.
The person who made the list obviously never watched Full House either. Everybody knows that it was Uncle Jesse. Joey wasn't the uncle. He was Bob Saget's romantically challenged BFF. Duh. /rant

(I'm rollin' wit Saget)
Geez, I completely forgot about the Live Tour. I actually went to that... It wasn't good at allll, and I was pretty young at the time.

I remember being pumped for it because I somehow saw a preview video which showed unmasked sub-zero (I'm pretty sure it was the actual dude from MK3) kicking ass 'live-action' style(?). And when I get there and its all over with, NO UNMASKED SUB-ZERO from the preview! Wtf?! Liu Kang is the only other character I remember. Booooo. It was awful and a sad joke. LOL This one I'm actually okay with forgetting. :)
Yeah, honestly the stuff that "made mortal kombat go wrong" on that list is actually what people remember Mortal Kombat for. The person who made that article's head needs to meet shao kahn's hammer.
Who made this list? Probably a Street Fighter Fanboy.

^^ Agreed. Honestly, you're gonna to complain about the size of an action figure? I also have only seen one episode of MK:DOTR and a partial episode and fight scenes from Konquest, but both of them were good.
I actually enjoyed the comics; my friend gave them to me for helping him move and I keep em stored near all my other treasured comics; also, I like the MK theme song. It's one of the only song's I truly know the lyrics to lol; and why does he hate Stryker for? (first time I've heard that :)) And at least give Rebirth a shot, jeez; we haven't even seen an official trailer yet and he already seems to be negative towards it.