To all AGMK/IRC MK'ers from '94-99


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anyone still around from or any #mkx/#mk3 on irc - '94-99 era? I'm too poor for UMK3 on the 360, so anyone getting the DS version, lets set some stuff up when the game comes out...
What is AGMK?? ;)

I think I'll play that more than I played UMK3 on the 360 if we can get a good group of people playing the game.
I'll throw my hat into the ring for UMK DS. The Xbox 360 controller just didn't work for me on XBLA. The DS controls should be better.
word. I know F\X is down. I'll hit up osx and few others on myspace to see if we can get a mkx vs trmk tourney going and we can act like its 10 years ago and flame /ban each other while we pretend no other MK sites exist besides ours.

Is it out tomorrow? Be nice to grab that when i pick up Galaxy.
Should be there along side Mario Galaxy.

Get your friend codes ready.

We'll probably have to start another thread somewhere out here for friend codes soon.