Time of play


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How long did it take you your first time through to beat MK : SM.

My first time was 5 hours and 2 mins with some change, but only because when playing a game for the first time i hit every nook and cranny of the game.

How bout you guys?
I have absolutely no idea how long I took, because I've continued playing with all my characters even after I've beaten Shao Kahn so all of them are over 5 hours now...
Well, the first game I played was in ko-op, and that took us about 6 hours. The first single-player game I finished was a bit over 4 hours, though.

Of course, my single-player Scorpion data shows over 8 hours, but that's the game I used to go back and get all the hidden stuff (along with doing the Smoke missions).