This section has died recently....


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And I gotta wonder, how come? When I started on the forums back in early '05, this was one of the highly posted boards in the forum with Phenomenal One, Darth Sadistic, Special Forces, and all the other big wrestling fans. But as I said, it really has turned into a ghost town. Is it because every one has grown up and grew out of wrestling? I watch it every now and again but not as loyal as I did back in 2005.

So what I'm trying to say is, Pat or Jeff, if anything about sports or wrestling is to be discussed, could it be in the general chat forum since this isn't getting enough posts or views to stand on its own anymore.
I renamed your title, as it makes it sound like you meant all of the forums at first.

I personally don't follow any sports other than baseball, but not a lot of baseball fans here so I don't post much about it.

I would also like to keep it separate just because it fits well on it's own.

PS: Good luck on the job, I see you put that you applied with Midway. You apply for the Programming Intern?
Yeah, but when there are still topics from 2007 on the first page, we have a problem. I understand why you want to keep certain topics seperate, but it is just outrageous, and frankly quite sad, that this section is being neglected. That is why I proposed that these topics be merged with general chat so they can be viewed by quite a few more people then who would normally come here.
If people here don't want to post about a certain topic, though, they'll ignore the thread no matter where it's posted. I don't see that it would make much of a difference. This forum, in its entirety, simply doesn't have the number of active posters it once did.

I'm actually into baseball too, so you're not alone, Pat!
I like Baseball too, but us Aussies don't see it as one of the major sports. So it never gets broadcast here.