This is how I perceive MK1 to have ended leading upto and inc. the end MK2


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· Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion, Sonya vs. Kano, Johnny Cage vs. Reptile, Liu Kang vs. Shang Tsung
· Shang Tsung just about to beat Liu Kang until Kung Lao saves him
· Liu Kang nearly beats Shang Tsung until Goro appears
· Scorpion kills Sub-Zero
· Shang Tsung escapes with Scorpion, Kano and Reptile into a portal
· Shang Tsung’s island starts to collapse
· Kung Lao, Liu Kang and Sonya escape to a portal
· Raiden saves Johnny Cage and takes him to a waiting Special Forces boat


· Shang Tsung begs Shao Kahn to hold a tournament in Outworld; Shao Kahn agrees
· Wu Shi Temple is attacked by Baraka’s Tarkatan warriors
· Sonya is kidnapped by Baraka and taken to Outworld
· Shang Tsung defeats Raiden by the portal to Outworld
· Johnny Cage is interrogated by Jax on the whereabouts of Sonya
· Raiden appears to Cage and Jax and asks them to go help out at Wu Shi Temple
· Shang Tsung disguises himself as Raiden and tells Kang and Lao to go to Outworld to participate in another tournament
· Cage and Jax follow them but get split up in Outworld
· Shinnok sends Noob Saibot to Outworld to spy on the tournament
· Kang and Lao meet Kitana then get involved in a fight with Jade and Mileena
· Jade gets killed, Mileena escapes and Kang, Lao and Kitana follow her through a portal
· Tsung then appears to Kang and Lao as Raiden again and says they must kill more enemies to save Earthrealm
· Kang and Lao then spot Reptile and follow him into the Living Forest.
· Kang and Lao eventually defeat and kill Reptile
· Kang and Lao find out Black Dragon clan are in Outworld to free Kano
· Kang and Lao then defeat and kill Baraka
· Kitana finds Kang and Lao and tells them Mileena has gone to the Wastelands to find Goro in attempt to kill her
· Kang and Lao find Kabal trapped in a cage in Wastelands
· Sub-Zero and Kung Lao fight which ends up with Lao scarring Sub-Zero’s eye but Kang saves him
· Sub-Zero helps Lao and Kang track Goro, but Sub-Zero is then attacked by Scorpion
· Scorpion escapes to the Netherrealm and Sub-Zero follows him
· Liu Kang finds Goro and is about to defeat him until Johnny Cage steps in and finishes him off.
· Shang Tsung appears as Raiden and takes Johnny Cage away
· Kang and Lao go to Netherrealm where they see Sub-Zero fighting Noob Saibot who escapes
· Kang and Lao then defeat Scorpion before leaving Netherrealm
· In Outworld Lao bumps into Jax who is trying to find Sonya
· Kang and Lao find out that Kitana and Johnny Cage are captured
· They then find Jax trying to free Sonya and inadvertently frees Kano as well
· Kano escapes
· Jax takes Sonya back to Earthrealm
· Kang and Lao then come across Shao Kahn’s arena where they fight and kill Shang Tsung
· Shao Kahn then unleashes Kintaro on them
· Liu Kang and Kung Lao defeat Kintaro
· Kang and Lao attacked Kahn
· Kahn had the upper hand until Kitana and Cage ran out to help them
· Raiden turns Kahn to stone and Kang and Lao break him
· Kang, Lao, Raiden and Cage returned to Earthrealm why Kitana stayed
· However, Kahn did not die and resurrected Jade, Baraka, Reptile, Kintaro and Shang Tsung
Kitana is captured and imprisoned for killing Mileena

This is just my understanding of what happened (I'm also aware that Shang Tsung kept disguising himself as Raiden throughout MK2 in order to try and turn Liu Kang and Kung Lao against each other). If anyone see's anything that needs to be amended, or any additions to the story please let me know.

I also just want to know the following things if anyone knows (or has any logical explanations/ideas): -

1. Where was Raiden the whole time Shang Tsung was pretending to be him whilest trying to turn Liu Kang and Kung Lao against each other.
2. How did Shao Kahn die and then reappear to resurrect Shang Tsung and co.
3. What did Johnny Cage do the whole time before defeating Goro?
4. How did the Black Dragon clan get into Outworld? (as the only portal mentioned was the one at the Wu Shi Academy ...... I'm taking it that Raiden opened up a portal for Johnny Cage and Jax to get into Outworld to rescue Sonya), and how did Liu Kang and Kung Lao find out they were they?
5. What happened to Goro at the end of MK1 and how did he get to Outworld?
6. How did Liu Kang and Kung Lao find out Johnny Cage and Kitana had been captured?
7. What happened to Kabal?

I'd greatfully appreciate any constructive replies and amendments.

That's the whole story as of Shaolin Monks. I see you have alot of questions. That's good because Shaolin Monks MESSED THE **** out of the MK timeline, storyline, and all around everything-line in general. I don't believe a word out of it's mouth. As far as I'm concerned it's a "this might be what happened in an alternate reality". More fan-service than anything else. I don't know who they had working on the story but it has more holes than swiss cheese.

My suggestion? Ignore the story completely and just enjoy the great gameplay, terrific character/costume design, and great fan-service enemy encounters. For the real deal story-wise, just go by the bios/endings in MKII-Trilogy.
My perception is different it would be all like:

Scorpion kills subzero then leaves because he doesn't care about anything else, because thats a flipping awesome plot point.
And for some odd reason, noone dies in any of the other fights.
Liu kang gets to the final match of the tournament and then its all:
Shang Tsung: "LULZ, TO WIN YOU MUST BEAT GORO! THE CHAMPION!" and then Liu kang has an epic battle and defeats goro, and shang tsung is all "OH SNAP GOROS DEAD" and runs like a little pansy to outworld. Then, while everyones smooth sailing home, Shang tsung gives Shao Kahn his plan to lure them into outworld and have a tournament for VENGEANCE! Raiden leads the Earthrealm fighters to outworld, and they have to deal with all these new crazy fighters like Baraka and Reptile and Mileena and stuff.

and then I get lost.