They're On the Scene! [Bloody Roar/SF crossover]

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Well I'm writing this fan-fic for the legendary ByrdBrain of TRMK.

So if you're infamiliar with the characters:

Ibuki [Street Fighter]:


Uriko [Bloody Roar]:



So there you go. Now enjoy this fan-fic!

The forest is our setting but not the forest you would think of, full of frogs, birds, insects, and more. This forest was on the outskirts of a popular ninja academy so the area was very well taken care of since some of the students of the academy had to travel through it to return home. Speaking of students, on this particular day one of the students had to travel through this area after school in order to reach the supermarket to pick up some things for home. Her name is Ibuki and she has always been the more rowdy one of the group. She is very adventurous, not liking to be held back by rules or agendas because she's rather explore the world, meeting new people, especially boys. Ibuki always had boys on her mind, whether she met them at fighting tournaments or just casually at the market. She is very flirtatious but in a gentle way but because of her young appearance and age, older boys cannot take her seriously, which really frustrates her. Nevertheless, that wasn't going to stop her on her pursuit of a boyfriend.

Ibuki was hopping from tree to tree after she had changed into her ninja gear since you never know what could occur in the forest area. Feeling prepared, she comfortably traveled along the tree branches with her school backpack on her back, smiling under her mask. "I feel like today is going to be a good day!" she said to herself. "Maybe that means I'll meet some cute boys along the way! I shouldn't get too distracted though. I can't forget to pick up my stuff at the market." Ibuki stopped on one of the branches, scouting out the area when she suddenly saw something blue in the distance. Out of pure curiosity she started to leap towards it. "That doesn't look like a ninja." she thought to herself.

Ibuki swiftly reached the figure in blue, landing on the grass almost silently. The figure appeared to be a young girl, looking a little annoyed. "Hey. Are you okay?" Ibuki asked as she grabbed the girl's shoulder. The girl turned around, pushing Ibuki's hand away, shouting, "Hey! Don't touch me!" Ibuki analyzed her, finding her outfit to be quite confusing. It looks like some martial arts clothes but the sleeves were huge, leaving the girl's hands unexposed. She also had brown hair that was formed into two large bangs and a braided pony tail lay on her upper back. She seemed to be around Ibuki's age, if not younger. "I'm sorry I was just asking. Sheesh." "Well just so you know, I'm not okay! The ZLF are on my tail, literally!" "Literally? What? And who the heck are the ZLF?" "The Zoanthrope Liberation Front. They took my mother from me a while ago but I rescued her. Now they want me so Bushizima can perform all of his mean experiments on me!" "But you're just a normal girl though. I don't get it...." "I'm far from." "Well anyway, I'd be glad to help you. I could use some extra training! My name's Ibuki! Pleased to meet you!" Ibuki smiled warmly, holding her hand out to the girl for a handshake. The girl hesitated but decided to receive it, engulfing Ibuki's hand in her large sleeve as her hand met it, shaking it. "Uriko. But are you sure you can help me?" "Yeah! I can't let a defenseless girl just get caught! That'd be wrong!" "I am not defenseless! I'm a fighter!"

Ibuki blushed, feeling embarrassed that she basically called Uriko a helpless little girl. "I'm sorry Uriko." "It's okay." Ibuki smiled a little when suddenly a man appeared before Uriko, grabbing her by the arm. "Hey! Let go of me!" "You're coming with us you little brat!" Ibuki used her ninja-like reflexes to react quickly, tossing a kunai knife at the man, hitting him in the arm. The man cringed in pain, dropping Uriko as the kunai dug deep inside him. "Agh! Another brat for us to deal with! Whatever! Busuzima could use more lab rats!" "You're not talking Uriko and you're not taking me!" Ibuki leaped at him, hitting his stomach with her elbow as she began to gain energy at the hit point. It formed into a blue sphere and she then grasped her fist, concentrating it and then releasing it, sending the man flying right into a tree. His back smashed hard into the bark, knocking him out cold as the tree cracked from the force. "Wow! That was great!" Uriko complimented her. "Thanks. One of my signature techniques! That wasn't so hard." "That was only one." Uriko said sadly.

Suddenly, another man appeared from the bushes, this one wielding a baseball bat. "A baseball bat? Seriously? You think that slow thing is going to take down a ninja like me?" Ibuki was about to rush at him when suddenly she was stopped by a paw. "What the?" Ibuki looked to her side to see Ubuki but in the form of some cat-like creature! "UBUKI?!!!" Uriko meowed, looking at Ibuki cutely, giving her a "Don't worry, I'll handle this," look. Ibuki nodded back, still confused as to what happened to her new friend. "Shit! I forgot she's a Zoanthrope!" the man shouted. "So this is a Zoanthrope," Ibuki thought to herself. Uriko screeched, running at the man on all fours. "Holy shit! She's fast!" the man yelled. Uriko leaped at him, her claw out and scratched across his chest, ripping his T-shirt. She then did a back-flip with both of her paws out, grabbing the baseball bat and snatching it from his hands before he could get a grip on it. The man panicked, lifting his leg to try and roundhouse her but Uriko barrel-rolled over it, scratching his face. The man screamed in pain as the scratch marks started to leak blood. "AGGGGGGGH YOU *****!" Uriko then ran back to Ibuki, meowing at her. She then moved back, signaling that she wanted to perform some kind of team attack. Ibuki crosses her hands as Uriko ran towards her, using Ibuki's hands to boost herself in the air. She shrieked highly as she put out her leg, performing a flying kick on the man, sending him right into the rose bushes as she screamed in pain.

Uriko then reverted back into her normal form, doing a back-flip as a celebration but she clumsily landed on her face, covering it with her huge sleeve and saying, "Ouch...." Ibuki giggled, being entertained at the silly girl. "Her fighting style is really different! It looks clumsy but it's actually really effective!" She walked up to Uriko, holding out her hand to help her up. Uriko blushed, being embarrassed by her failure but grabbed the ninja's hand as she pulled her up. "You okay?" Ibuki asked. "Yeah hehe I'm fine. We sure showed them." "Yeah! That whole Zoanthrope thing is really something! I've never heard of them before!" "Yeah I'm kind of a far way from home." "Well is that all? Are there any more ZLF members?" "No, just two were sent. Thanks for the help! I have to get back to Master Long." "Wait! Don't you want to hang out a bit first? Maybe be can go look for some cute boys together!" Uriko smiled, loving Ibuki's charismatic attitude. "I guess Master Long can wait! Let's go!" Ibuki jumped high up in the air, cheering as Uriko chuckled at her personality. Ibuki grabbed her hand, pulling her along with her. "Let's go! Boys, here we come!"
you did this

i think my heart is growing a little to fast
Not bad.
I usually hate reading light hearted stories, but this one was pretty legit.

Good one Shizuki
Goddamnit, thought this was official -_-

Oh well, will read anyway.

I'd want Bloody Roar and MK to crossover since both games could be rated M if they do 2 different games like SFxT and TxSF.

Also, hope you enjoy the story!


Thanks man!

I thought you called me Suzuki lol
It was a nice read, but remember to start a new paragraph when another person starts talking, especially in conversations.
Very good 10/10. Will there be more?!?!?! I was thinking of doing a Clayfighters vs Rise of the Robots, or sorry Clayfighters X Rise of The Robots!!
It was a nice read, but remember to start a new paragraph when another person starts talking, especially in conversations.

Thats what people tell me to do as well.
I don't like that. Makes the story look longer than it is and keeps people from reading it.
But I do see where you're coming from.
It was a nice read, but remember to start a new paragraph when another person starts talking, especially in conversations.

While that does make it neater, it makes the post really long lol can you imagine how many lines I'll have for my longer chapters of Jill's Last Escape? D:
im trying to say there is no need for such slander plus i said that because i don't wanna break anyone down to blind joy if i start doing something like this for yall
You're Not a Boy!

Ibuki skipped happily, still dragging Uriko along with her when suddenly she sensed something. "Hold on Uriko. I think our little trip will have to wait. I sense something. No, someone. Wow, what power! I've never sensed something so threatening!" Uriko shivered, having a good idea of who it was. "No! It can't be! Not him!" Ibuki looked at her in confusion, asking, "Who Uriko? Who could it be?" "The man that kidnapped my mother!" Suddenly, a purple, dark aura rose over the bushes as Ibuki got Uriko behind her. "Stand back Uriko. I've got this." Suddenly, someone began to speak, the voice coming from the area of the aura. "Imbeciles. You really think you stand a chance against me? The leader of the ZLF? Please, you might as well surrender and die. Your blood will coat this land and I will be the one to draw it." "Come out you coward!" Ibuki shouted, "Come and get me!"

The bushes began to shuffle when suddenly, the man appeared directly in front of Ibuki. He was wearing purple martial arts gear and had an extremely menacing look on his face, along with red eyes that gave of a feeling of pure evil. "ShenLong!" Uriko screamed, cowering behind Ibuki. "You're not taking her! Whoever you are!" "Oh but I am. That disgrace of a creature foiled my plans once but it won't happen again. Then after I capture her, I'll capture her mother as well and kill her before her very eyes." Ibuki got focused, grabbing Ibuki and quickly moving to a safe area, leaving her behind. "Stay here. I'll take him on." "No Ibuki! He's too strong!" "Uriko I'll be fine. Just watch." Ibuki then ran back to ShenLong, getting in her fighting stance. "Oh so you've returned? I guess you're really eager to die then. For your courage, I'll make your death swift and painless." "Only one losing here is YOU!"

"Please. You're just a child. You really think you can stand up to me?" "I'm tired of people treating me like a kid! I'll show you just how strong I am you big jerk!" Ibuki shouted and jumped up on the air, tossing four kunais at ShenLong who presumed to dodge them one by one. "Weapons? I prefer my BARE FISTS!" ShenLong rushed at Ibuki, punching her in the jaw and then uppercutting her with his elbow. "TAKE THIS!" Electricity surged around his body as he performed an eleven-hit combination on her with pure fists of fury, shouting loudly as he delivered each blow. His final hit was a one-inch punch that sent Ibuki flying back, falling onto the ground. She cringed in pain, wrapping her arm around his abdomen. "Damn, he's strong. But I can't give up now. I can't let him take Uriko!" "Don't be afraid to quit child. That's one of my many techniques, not even a high-level one." Ibuki's heart started to race. "Not even a high-level one? Are you serious?!" she thought to herself, "I guess I'm really going to have to go all out on this one."

Ibuki stood up slowly, removing her mask. She grabbed a kunai and placed it in-between her fingers, winking and smiling at ShenLong. "You take your death as a joke?" "No. I just know I'm going to kick your butt, leave you here, and go have some fun with Uriko." Ibuki then tossed the kunai at him immediately as he dodged it again. "You fool. You think those toys are going to work against me----?" Suddenly, at the blink of an eye Ibuki was behind ShenLong. She lifted her foot back, performing her Kazegiri move, launching him up in the air as he growled. She then launched herself up in the air, performing an air version of Tsumuji kicks, smashing her foot into his jaw multiple times. ShenLong was about to recover when Ibuki reached into her pockets, pulling out two handfuls of kunais that she proceeded to throw at him. ShenLong closed his eyes and covered his body, making himself vulnerable. When he reopened his eyes, Ibuki was directly in front of him, grabbing him and bringing him to the ground, her hands on the top of his head as his face made contact with the land.

"Sayonara!" Ibuki stretched her arms in the air, saying, "That takes care of him." She started to walk away when she suddenly heard a shuffling noise behind her. She turned around quickly, seeing ShenLong getting back up. "No way! That was my signature move! You can't be able to get up after that!" "YOU FOOL! YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THAT?!" The ground started to shake beneath Ibuki's feet as dark aura formed around ShenLong. It surrounded him, covering him completely until it disbanded in a purple mist, revealing that he had morphed into his Zoanthrope form: ShenLong the Tiger. "A tiger?! That's his form?! This isn't good...." ShenLong roared, shaking the trees around them when he leaped at Ibuki off all fours with claws and teeth out. Ibuki panicked, dodging it quickly when suddenly she heard a familiar screech.

Ibuki looked up into the sky, seeing a silhouette against the sun. She squinted her eyes but as the dark figure got closer, she knew who it was. Uriko dropped from the sky in her Zoanthrope form, diving at ShenLong. ShenLong's teeth clenched before he let out another roar, pouncing up in the air at the half-beast. "Uriko! No!" Uriko screeched again as both Zoanthropes made contact with each other with their sharp claws, both getting scratches across their torsos as they fell to the ground. Having much greater speed, Uriko recovered quickly, pouncing like a kitten onto the fierce tiger, swiping at its face rapidly. The tiger growled once more, charging itself with electricity as it grabbed Uriko, tossing her off him. Uriko clenched her teeth, throwing her entire body, clumsily at her opponent. Her backside hit him, pushing him back as she flew in the opposite direction, flailing her arms frantically. ShenLong stomped on the ground with his foot angrily, running at her when she suddenly leaped onto him, taking him up in the air and surrounding them with a blue ball of energy. The massive orb rolled around the area, hitting the trees like a pinball machine one by one, cracking the bark as ShenLong struggled inside. The orb then reached the middle and disbanded, revealing Uriko and ShenLong in their normal forms but ShenLong was out cold while Uriko was dizzy, struggling to keep her balance. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" she shouted happily before falling to the ground.

Ibuki rushed to her, picking her up. "Uriko! Are you okay?" Uriko smiled and stuck her tongue out at her playfully. "Of course I'm okay! I told you I could handle myself!" "Uriko that was awesome! The way you concentrated all your energy like that? You'd make a great ninja, especially with your amusing fighting style!" Uriko thanked her and looked over at the unconscious ShenLong. Ibuki looked at him as well, asking, "What should we do with him?" "Eh, leave him here. I think he's learned his lesson. The ZLF won't be causing any trouble anytime soon. The only reason they attacked me was because Master Long wasn't around." "Master Long must be quite a fighter!" "I'd love to introduce you to him after we hang out!" Ibuki smiled, teeth showing and all. "Sounds like a plan!"
While that does make it neater, it makes the post really long lol can you imagine how many lines I'll have for my longer chapters of Jill's Last Escape? D:

Its also correct grammar and easier to read. I got kinda confused during the conversation, but thats just me.