There is no way.


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In story mode im lu kang and i have to defeat scorpion and quan chi there is no way.. i get them down to maybe a quarter health each and i die or they do an xray on me... tips? tricks? there is no way :(
use block wisely my friend.... that was the key to beat 'em by me =)

and learn some combo, liu's ones are easy

good luck ;)
yeah man its hard but i defeated them after a lot ^^ try defeat them defending and using uppercut when them jump and use the grap move ;D
thanks! i do block a lot idk maybe if i just practice with him ill get better? idk i just dont know how im going to beat them because they can do an xray that takes away 1/4th of my health :p
An easy way to beat Quan Chi is to just be in his face at all times. You can literally spam 2 kombos and grabs and just punish him after he has used his teleport.


Block is key in 1v2's.
you can block x'rays as well.... :p

and if u make a combo and the rival blocks it your super meter will get full faster
true true you guys make a good argument :p i just cant freakin beat it... when my friend comes over later today ill just use him ads a punching bag and get better :p