The "WTF Crossovers" Thread


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So I was looking trough the crossover sections for some of my favourite franchises on, right? And then, out of nowhere, something crazy appeared. Mass Effect/Garfield.

That's right. Someone crossed a space opera with a talking orange cat. And then made it romance. Romance with Garfield.

I figure that if they can do that, I can make a thread to share them.

Other abnormal crossovers:

Supreme Commander/Pokemon

I'll post more as I discover them.
Earthworm Jim/Call of Duty
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater/Left 4 Dead
Mario/Fallout 3
Street Fighter/God of War
Assassin's Creed/Sonic
Skyrim/Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat/Spongebob Squarepants

That's all I got, hopefully this gets some WTF goin'
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater/Left 4 Dead

yo this shit will sell like hotcakes son!!!!!, imagine skating through like a haunted mansion with a couple uzi's and and a 12 gauge strapped on ur back. kicking off zombies for a boost and a chance of chatching some big air, doing 360's spraying sh*t, lying on on the skateboard face-up with the shotty blasting them and doing fakie kick flips over downed zombies and shooting them in the head simultaneously for maximum bonus points what!!! lol

you better start pitching this to devs and we'll split it 50/50
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Slaughter Sport vs Star Wars: The Old Republic
Sackboy in Half Life
Tattoo Assassins vs Guilty Gear
^ Day one purchase

lmao, i was joking around at first but then i was like sh*t that could be fun as hell.

tyger woods pga tour 12/ mass effect 3
disney universe/mk9
vancouver 2010 the official winter olympic games/ ace combat: assault horizon
I think I'll start leaving some links here. For the record, I'm actually reading the Halo/Spyro one.
Mortal Kombat/DC Universe