The STBL show REPLAY and Discussion Thread


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Thank you to everyone that was there live for our first show, we almost reached 300 viewers at one point. I apologize for any late starts or any other issues (this is a work in progress project). As you know Tom Brady is a busy man promoting this game and trying to attend as many offline events as possible as we try to build the MK9 scene. We will work to find the best time for the both of us, so please bare with us while we try to figure it out.

Any feedback about the show, or anything is welcomed. If you have an idea of how to make the show better let us know. All comments are welcome, good and bad... Thanks again and i hope u enjoy our shows!!

Tom Brady's message to the community:

STBL Exclusive 5/20 mini Patch info by Tom Brady:

STBL Exclusive 9/26 Patch info by Tom Brady, THTB and Perfect lengend
Visit my replay page at

STBL Show: THANKS TO TREMLOC for adding the Timestamps!!

Week 1 Replay
1. Scorpion - 26:50
2. Reptile - 1:07:31
3. Smoke - 50:25
4. Cyber Sub-Zero - 54:45

Week 2 Replay
1. Noob - Part 2 53:30
2. Ermac - Part 2 31:35
3. Raiden - Part 2 44:30
4. Cage - Part 2 14:40

Week 3 Replay
1. Kitana - 0:00
2. Sub-Zero - 1:15:30
3. Sonya - 1:56:44
4. Kano - Part 2 19:50

Week 4 Replay
1. Baraka - 33:50
2. Kabal - 1:06:08
3. Sektor - 1:19:00
4. Jade - Part 2 16:16

Week 5 Replay
1. Shang Tsung - 2:39
2. Quan Chi - 50:50
3. Lui Kang - 1:24:20
4. Another Epic Tom Brady Rant - 1:18:40

Week 6 Replay
1. Stryker
2. Sindel
3. Mileena

Week 7 Replay
1. Nightwolf
2. Cyrax
We will also cover every character we have already featured on previous shows. This will include all updated information including the recent patch.

Week 8 Replay

Week 9 Replay

Week 10 Replay

Week 11 Replay

Week 12 Replay

Wekk 13 Replay DELETED...

Week 14 Replay SKARLET with guest Detroit Ballin 313

Week 15 Replay KENSHI with guest Teef part A part B Part C

Week 16 Replay QUAN CHI with guest Under the Mayo Part A Part B Part C Part D

Week 17 Replay RAIN with guest Crazy Dominican JR
** please vist my replay page for this episode... due to technical issues the stream repeatedly stopped and restarted causing many different replay clips. My apologies, i am looking into the cause of this issue and will try to have it corrected before next weeks show **

Week 18 Replay NIGHTWOLF with guest LordoftheFly part A part B part C

Week 19 Replay CYBER SUB-ZERO with guest PigoftheHut
part A
part B
part C

Week 20 Replay KUNG LAO with guest Perfect Legend
part A
part B
part C
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Hi S1LENT1, I'm watching the fourth show now, since I'm in Europe and is almost imposible to watch it live.
I'm an old school MK player, I was playing MK and MK 2 mostly, and a few of UMK3.. after this I just test some "3D" MK's and I don't like them, so now I'm back for more MK.

I like the idea of the show but I think it can be improved with more organization. I'm watching fourth show and past 10 mins and i see nothing about MK except your rap (i like it). If the problem is that Tom is bussy then pre-record some stuff and use it until Tom is online.
3 hours is a lot of time, I think it must be a lot shorter and concentrated.
Some days ago I was watching 2nd or third show (i don't remember) and when Tom was talking while you was playing some fights online.. I was distracted with the fights and the audio of the game mixed with Tom's voice. English is not my primary language, so I try to make an effort to heard and understand it, but with other audio over is complicated.
If you like your 3 hour show it's ok, but maybe you (or someone else) can edit it and put a shorter version...

For me the ideal show is first explain all the basic moves and general tactics and then talk about the good and weak point of every character. after this some advanced tactis and kombos for them. all this in 1 hour show or so.

I apreciatte it

Edit: i know this it's is very difficult but will be cool if we see in the screen all Tom Brady explain. Pre-recorded, played by him or you, but i like to see it in screen.. when he says baraka make his 2,2,1 or whatever, and all this stuff like if some char is good at corner and talk about it, show some strategies etc. so "show" us all the exposed
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Great show, great experience! LOL

Seriously, thanks for the weekly show, I heard all of your streams and shows (mostly the replays when I have time) and they're pretty good.
silent, you tell tom that if he tells NRS about Cage I will ****ing find him and burn down his house

he better not touch my ****ing cage.

good show though! love watching it!
@ interloko - I usually dont play while the show is going on unless im doing something specifically that Tom wants u guys to see. You might have been watching a pre show or a post show. I try to name each recording appropriately. Give me a link to what you are talking about. Also, we are going down to 3 characters a week to reduce the time of the show. Week 5 was still over 2 and a half hours, and to concentrate everything down would mean to have Tom shorten his answers and discussion. Dont think thats a good idea, the more thorough the better.

Week 5's replay has been added to the 1st post. Remember, week 6's show will be on MONDAY June 13th!!
@ interloko - I usually dont play while the show is going on unless im doing something specifically that Tom wants u guys to see. You might have been watching a pre show or a post show. I try to name each recording appropriately. Give me a link to what you are talking about.
i'm not sure it was, but here is an example:
it's the explanation of the mini patch, not pre or post show.. around minute 15 you start playing some online matches.
and about how long the show is, i think if it's long it's ok but i'm not sure when (i think it was the week 4 show) tom arrives 15 minutes later and past another 15 minutes to start talking the real thing, until you say him something like: "ok, let's talk about it later and start the show"
so if it's a 3 hours+ show full of content it's great, but i was watching 30 minutes and no content at all, just tom talking about the comunnity etc. he can do it later ar post show and it will be better.
another thing is he talk fast and no example in the screen.. it something like.. i just heard 112, 321 etc.. if i'm not familiar with the character and i don't see it on the screen then it means nothing to me. that's why i suggest to use pre-recorded material
the idea of the show it's great but i'm sure you can do it much better, but it needs to be more structured show
take this as constructive feedback, i tried to be honest
Ah yes, that was a spur of the moment show becasue of the first mk9 patch release. I was playing the matches as something to do since i had no thread to read questions from. Also, sometimes it takes a min to get skype to connect properly, yesterday for example, took almost 30 mins. Tom eventually had to switch computers all together. So again my apologies, you can always fast forward. Ill try to have the character being discussed on the screen so u can see when we are covering who. Tremloc has given us some timestamps for the first 5 shows so hopefully that helps.

1st post updated

1st post updated
1st post updated with week 7's replay. Remember, going forward we are going to answer any of your questions. Thanks for watching!
Great thread, Although I feel I was kind of cheated out of Jade's Section, but I'm probably guessing it's because of patch changes.

I knew jade was about baiting out with fake openings, but the show did help me think about a few other alternate ways to bait them to attack my Enhanced shadow glow. thanks for this show.
@ Critical, yeah theres a few characters that we need to go over again. Going forward we are opening up the show for all questions. Ask whatever question u want for jade and we will hook u up :)

1st post updated, week 8 was a great show, great experience IMO lol. Check it out.
Hey Tom,

1. What are some effective strategies against Noob in the corner to maintain momentum?
For example, I dash block my way in and punish shadows from 1/4 screen distance, but it's hard to get 22 pressure and avoid shadows while maintaining momentum. Is there any kind of spacing in which I can attack safely and be able to avoid at least the up shadow so I won't get knocked down and still punish running shadow on block?

2. Which ninja do you feel gets all the *****es in netherrealm? Smoke, Scorpion, or Sub Zero??
McNasty u fail for leaving out ERMAC!! We all know he is the pimp of the ninjas! haha

1st post updated, Evo is about 3 weeks away... GET HYPE!!
When do I ask jade questions? Now? Or should I wait for a specific date? Most of the last questions people were asking were how to beat her lol, I want to open my mind to something I might not be thinking about in regards to some of her stuff.
My question for Against nightwolf.

Is it smart to use Noob Saibot's EX Shadow clones to try to condition Nightwolf to think about using his reflector on wake up to avoid chip? Once you scare him a few times by breaking his reflector, you can land normal clones for meter building on his wake up because he'll start blocking instead. Or is it not worth wasting the meter?
I can't believe i've never seen this thread before, great stuff Tom!

Just watching your points on Baraka now..

EDIT: Yeah, his, 2, 2, 1+2 is really good, but because of button mapping I occasionally get desyncs, and this puts me off using this, which I know, is putting me at a massive handicap. I usually chance his 2, 2, 1+2 near the start, and if the game doesnt crash, im usually good to go.

Nice to know his D, F 1 is safe on block, I never thought it was.

EDIT II: During this, Tom talks about "untapped characters", characters that aren't used much...and Tom thinks Jade is the most untapped character in the game. Do you agree, Critical?
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