The Squirrelpion Appreciation Thread

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This thread is dedicated to everyone's favorite furry ninja. Recently I private messaged some people because I was sending out a Christmas card and wanted to let people chime in and I'd write down what they would say. Thanks to everyone that helped out. I couldn't get everybody though. So I figured I'd make a thread and we can discuss here. Thanks for being awesome, guys. It's appreciated.

Because my writing is kind of bad:

Commander said:

My thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time.
It may take some time to heal, but it can't rain forever.
As tough as it may seem now, try to make the best out of the gift of a new day.
You have my info on FB as well, and I wish that I could be there to have a beer and chat with you, man.
Even though I can't be there in person, though, if you need someone to talk to I will be here for you.

Commander (Jorge)

Shirayuki Mizore said:
To my favorite Squirrel, you've always put a smile on so many faces, we all hope this card will put a big smile on yours. Hope you're feeling your best again soon!

BBBLP said:
Yo Skwerl, my man. If anything is up you, know you can let your family at Turmkay know. There aren't a lot of us left, but we'll no doubt help you anyway we can. Whatever's going on, I hope it gets better dude. And if you need to talk, I'm down for it whenever. From your amigo back,back,back,low punch with love, skipper

Axe said:
I know what its like to have a tough time. Send him this:

Times are only tough because they get better later. Have a good one and look forward to your new year. Have a great christmas.

Critial-Limit said:
If it's not too late just put down for me "Your wiener is of decent shape and size."

why? feels appropriate lol.

Vigilante_FireDragon said:
Sure. That's a very grand idea. For ideas, as his name implies, add something involving MK and squirrels, most likely. Also make it funny.

Immortal Reaver said:
Thanks for all of the laughs throughout the years. Everyone at TRMK appreciates you. Almost every time I see Scorpion or Squirrels, I think about you. This is the first card that I have sent to anyone. I just felt the need to, I figured that you would appreciate it. If you ever want to talk about anything, share something on the internet, play games, or anything else, you know where I'm at.

Also regards from theincubuslord.


Unfortunately our friend Squirrel passed away today. We're gonna fcking miss you dude. Non stop laughs. Big piece of This forum went with you bro
I logged back in to pay my respects to one of the funniest in the community. I have stayed connected with Squirrelpion over the years and have shared many laughs. This one hurts. ��
He knew that people cared about him, but depression sometimes overwhelms everything. I was talking to him over the course of about 12 hours before it happened. I was doing my best to try to cheer him up. I ended up posting on his timeline that I'm making a Scorpion mask for him. It's not much but maybe that would cheer him up. I guess it was too late.
Man. This is absolutely gut wrenching. Squirrel was such a bright light on both here and facebook. So damn kind and humble. I dunno how my newsfeed is gonna look without his constant sharing now. Squirrel was an absolute legend and he will be missed. I wish I woulda had the opportunity to meet the man in person. Hell, he got me to sign in for the first time in five damn years. Wish it was under better circumstances.

Thanks Squirrel for helping bring the visual of a vikingpoodle with a baconc*ck into the world. You're the best dude <3
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He knew that people cared about him, but depression sometimes overwhelms everything. I was talking to him over the course of about 12 hours before it happened. I was doing my best to try to cheer him up. I ended up posting on his timeline that I'm making a Scorpion mask for him. It's not much but maybe that would cheer him up. I guess it was too late.

I'm still bummed that I missed your call, dude.
Like you said before, it may not have made much of a difference, but just wanted to give him another friendly voice. :(
My emotions are both angry and sad. I’m angry that this happened, I’m sad that he felt this way. I am still in utter shock that we are even discussing this. Never would have thought this would be our discussion about Sterling, ever. Thinking about some of his posts from the last few days, the signs seem to have been under our noses, it just didn’t click, probably because most of us would never imagine him as struggling on the inside because the outside seemed so happy.

Sterling was younger than I am, and, if I remember correctly, both of his parents have passed away within the last 10 years. I don’t know if that was part of his inner struggles, but, I couldn’t imagine losing my parents at a young age. I believe in the afterlife and can at least take some comfort in knowing he is with them again and he isn’t struggling anymore.

RIP to our dear friend. He will always be a legendary member here. Crazy, interesting, kind human being.

Regardless of how often everyone here speaks to each other on, or off, the forum, I consider this our family, and we have lost a brother. You just never know what someone is going through in their life.
I didn't really know him. But i've seen his posts on TRMK over the years and he seemed like a good dude. RIP Squirrelpion.
I'm still truly baffled as Sterling was such a kind soul, and always seemed so cheery but it shows that one can hide their true feelings seemingly so easily. Being apart of this forum for so many years, I always thought Squirrel was among the brightest lights, as this forum had more than its fair share of drama, arguments, among other negative things. Yet Squirrel was never a part of any of that and instead would always just hang around, make us laugh, and cheer anyone up. He had this amazing aura about him that I was always even a little jealous of as he seemed to be just living his best life, being so laid back.

As VikingPoodle said, already not seeing his feed on my Facebook feels like a big piece is missing, let alone of this forum as BBBLP and Jade said, since even if this forum has come and gone for the most part, I do feel we're all connected as a family. We've lost one of our greatest members and it's still so difficult to wrap my head around, especially since I've never had a friend take their own life before. I only wish I could have known, or at least seen some sort of signs. I've been down this same path as well, so I really wish I could have given him my outlook and advice on things, at least something to try and break him away from that darkness.

Rest in peace, Sterling, you'll never be forgotten, and you'll forever be loved.
I'll never forget the years Squirrelpion completed with the likes of [MENTION=10]Love Cowboy[/MENTION], [MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION], [MENTION=1324]Jade[/MENTION], [MENTION=945]RIPLIUKANG[/MENTION], [MENTION=1026]BYoung[/MENTION], and myself (I know I'm forgetting a few others) in Fantasy Football. Upon reading previous posts, he happens to be our most recent champion in our TRMK Fantasy League, and will be missed. RIP.

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Just so everyone knows, his sister will be streaming his funeral on his Facebook page in about 10 minutes.
I don't even have the words to describe how I feel. And I feel worse for having such a late response.

Squirrel was one of the few people who was nice to me on the internet and I always thought that's how I should treat others as well. He was fun to be around and made us feel better with his presence.

Even though we haven't spoken in awhile, it still hurts that he is no longer here with us.

Rest in Peace, Squirrelpion
So I did a thing today. I had an idea for the MK dragon but a squirrel instead. Ended up coming up with this and my friend tattooed it for me.

Happy Birthday, Squirrel.
Still can't believe it's been nearly 17 months since we lost such an awesome dude.
This place just hasn't been the same.