The Red Messiah Bust [For BBBLP]

Shirayuki Mizore

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I was drawing this over the past few days due to all the free time available during the mid terms.

I figure I'd try something new so I thought "Why not draw Sektor for BBBLP?"

It was a little challenge but not much. I just had to draft it first since it felt really geometric since Sektor is a robot

Well here it is. I don't have my detailing tool at my dad's house so I had to improvise and use a black colored pencil :/


And remember BBBLP:

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You did this for me?

And I blocked you?

I have disgraced my famiry :cry:
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What the **** is that image?

I posted a crying Asian man :?

Let me get a different one

Nice drawing man! Perhaps some features of his face could have stood out a bit so that it doesn't appear flat. Other than that, Great Job!
To elaborate on FlyingJinko's post, you could use more tonal ranges. There needs to be greater constrast between light and dark. Surfaces that have greater exposure to light are lighter. Surfaces that are farther from the light cast shadows, thus appear darker.