The Raid 2... DAMN!!


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I checked this movie out after a friend made a huge deal about it and holy@#&%!! I remember the first movie being really gory and crazy but this sequel takes it to a whole new level!! This is one of the most brutal and beautiful movies I've seen in a long time PLEASE! do yourself a favor and see this movie anyway you can (legally please..) if you have any interest in martial arts or action movies in general. This film needs more love and it's sad that the theaters treat it like throw away garbage. I'm done ranting, go see it You won't be disappointed!

Yeah it was great, I might go watch it a 2nd time, I liked the first one better tho, Raid 3 isn't coming out anytime soon, even Scott Adkins has shown interest in playing in the 3rd one. The Tony Jaa rumor is fake.