The Pledge to Boycott KP2

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Mortal Kombat fanbase.

For months, us DEDICATED Mortal Kombat fans have lobbied through every medium, from fansites like this to social media such as Twitter, to get our favorite MK characters missing from the main roster and KP1 to be in KP2. Fujin, Sindel, Sareena, Li Mei, Frost, Havik, Rain, Noob Saibot, Jade, you name it. Some of these characters we liked more than others, but the message was clear; we wanted PURE Mortal Kombat Characters, specifically returning characters. And what did we get for our efforts?

ONE returning character, along with Leatherface, some Tarkatan/Alien hybrid, and this "Triborg" bullshit. This tells me one thing; that both NRS and WB are out of touch with the very people who are lining their pockets. Whining about this decision isn't good enough. We need to hit these people where it hurts the most; their wallets.

So therefore, I propose a pledge to boycott KP2. And nevermind the fact that the ONE returning MK character just happened to be one of my requests/predictions. We need to send a message to NRS and WB that they need to be answering to their REAL fans. So, by replying to this thread, you are signing a pledge NOT to buy KP2. As the author of this thread, I will represent the first signature.

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I'm in. They announced KP2, it was a way to celebrate MKX being the best selling game in 2015. They should be thankful to fans and direct it to us. I believe at least Fujin (the most requested khar without a trace of doubt) should have been there. Boon really doesn't give a .
[MENTION=12345]Tarkatan Trash[/MENTION] I don't f%^king like you. And most of the time I think you're full of shit. But in this case.

Bro I am with you. F^&k your leatherface, f%^k your alien/tarkatan, f%^k your Triborg (good name btw, Trash), Bo Rai Cho... you're cool.

F%^k this so called KP2. What is this shit? This is not MK. This is movie all stars fighting game: Hollywood edition.

Mocap and Meat are better guests, than this crap. I would have actually even bought Mocap, just because it is funny. But this? Lol. F%^K YOU NRS. Just ONCE AGAIN you proved you don't give a shit about your community.

If you put Cyborg, you put Sektor or Cyrax (or both), if you put Tarkatan, You put Baraka. Not some idiotic "hybrid".


Where is Fujin? Sindel? SAREENA? Hell I would say Frost too, but you took a dump on her already. Where are characters people actually ASKED FOR MONTHS???
Oh and by the way, I'm buying it. Because I have loved Mortal Kombat for 12+ years and I'm open to variety.
Well there you have it! Delete all of your posts on this thread. If you don't like this thread, don't reply, especially after I made it clear in the Original Post that a reply counts as a signature.

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Now, I presume you're boycotting as well? I understand you wanted Frost...

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Yes I wanted Frost. But just because she isn't in KP2, I wouldn't be angry. But I am pissed about guest characters. So yeah boycotting that shit. Bo Rai cho is cool (and Tri Borg maybe JUST MAYBE is a cool idea. You still gotta admit it is smart way of putting smoke, sector and cyrax in a game.) But that xenomorph bullshit and another Jason??? Yeah no.
Is there any proper confirmation that the third cyborg is definitely Smoke? Something looks iffy to me.
Count me in. Fujin, Baraka, Bo' Rai Cho and Sareena DESERVE to be in KP2 especially Fujin and Sareena.

I must admit though, I do like Tri-Borg and I wouldn't mind if he replaced Baraka.
We have guest fighters because they sell well. That's why Smash Bros and Soul Calibur have guest fighters. Causal people like them and want to see them. That's why people on Twitter and Facebook always ask for Goku in Smash Bros or why people want Spawn so badly in MKX.
We have guest fighters because they sell well. That's why Smash Bros and Soul Calibur have guest fighters. Causal people like them and want to see them. That's why people on Twitter and Facebook always ask for Goku in Smash Bros or why people want Spawn so badly in MKX.

If you're replying, you're pledging, just so you know

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ill sign this
its no surprise though
MKX has been nothing but utter disappointment from the start
leather face??? really????
if you want a chainsaw character then ash from evil dead would of gone down a heck of a lot better

im sure im not the only one that loves baraka and loves alien but this hybrid thing has no place at all just feels like a failed desperation to try and please everyone. Actually im a huge Baraka fan so this only rubs salt in the wound if anything :/
mainly chicks??? not one single female??
i like the cyborg though many people wanted that idea so its cool that nrs showed some acknowledgement to fans suggestions...
but the rest??? its just the ultimate ball drop...fking leather face???
2 of these characters are fat useless slobs
apologies to bo rai cho fans but even you gotta admit there are far more exiting classic favorite characters that could of been used
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Just like KP1, the only characters I'll be buying are the MK characters. Can't believe they replaced Baraka with Alien and didn't include Fujin!
F them, seriously. I like leatherface, I love alien but this is an overkill and shows their true intentions. I was okay with guests because their choices are iconic, figures that many love and MK is a fitting environment for them, however, there has to be a limit for this crap, it's an MK game and not some horror figures game. freddy and kratos were more than enough before (personally , I didn't even like kratos but I got a ps3 so what are you gonna do). now we had a surprise female that was somewhat requested and story relevant, a community request and two guests. that should have been enough. apparently our little boy jason and predator oversold themselves and it led to this. personally, I don't like giving tags to people but this kp really does show they aim hard for the casuals and betray their actual, true MK fanbase. needless to say we, the fans, have given the series the success it had all these years by supporting it through our wallets. but this is where I draw the line. again, I do like leatherface and he is fitting, I do love alien and it'll be a game where you get the chance to do Alien vs Predator matchups, I do love how the cyborg is actually all three of them in one and I freaking hate bo rai cho and their five year old "humour" in his character. if I were to buy this, it'd be individual purchases of the three choices except bo, however, since this is a guest overkill and they betrayed so many actual fans of the series by giving them the middle finger when it comes to Fujin, I will not be buying any part of it. they'd better change their attitude and moneyhunger real soon if they don't wanna end up being a series supported by random people that just get it to play guests
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