The Official LC's Beard Thread

What shall I do with my facial hair?

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Love Cowboy

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So, with my lovely wife no longer with us, someone has to fill the void of personal appearance advice threads, so I figured it might as well be me. I'm contemplating all sorts of changes what with my life being turned upside down and all... so I thought this might be interesting. What, if anything, should I do with my facial hair? And please, no "whatever you want LC" responses. I PLAN on doing whatever I want. I'm not treating these results as binding, I just want to see what you think, so tell what you think. Thanks.


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I said stache, cuz I just made that decision for my self after getting criticized for having a "pedo-chin beard!?" although one person called it a wizard's beard the nays won and I settled on the solo stache, again.


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Go with the beard.
Grow it down to your crotch (like Gandalf's beard but longer) and run around naked like you own the streets.



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From what I remember, you've got a great crop of facial hair (i.e. not patchy), so I say keep it. Not everyone can grow a beard and not end up looking like a scraggly hillbillly. Not a fan of mustaches and Van Dykes are lame and too common.

For more options, a list of beard styles:

Might help to have a pic with and without, for better opinions, too.

Love Cowboy

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Can we get an official press release on the decision? Like a date or a time for the reveal.

Suspense is killing me.

LOL I never even said I would be deciding anything soon... though I am interested to hear more of why you're the only one suggesting I shave it off... I'm thinking I may do that.

For now, though, I'm keeping the beard... though I did get it trimmed today