The Next Mortal Kombat Mythologies


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Hello all,

We have had the chance to play Mortal Kombat X for quite a long while and watched more of the story between Sub-Zero and Scorpion develop with background information. I think there are still questions relating to many of the characters that have been in the previous titles that have gone unanswered. Mortal Kombat definitely has the lore to create games (or even just books and movies, for that matter) that don't have to center around the tournament aspect of the story. That being said, if you had a choice of the following for a new Mortal Kombat Mythologies game, which would you choose?

1. Noob Saibot (story would explain what happened after the original Mythologies)
2. Scorpion
3. Quan Chi
4. Reptile
5. The Great Kung Lao
6. Reiko
7. Ferra/Torr
8. Sareena
9. Chameleon
10. Nitara


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Noob Saibot could work, plus it'd be interesting to play as an antagonist for a change as a main character. Bad guys need to win sometimes.
Scorpion. This guy cannot get a break. Give him a break already.
Quan Chi. Same as Noob.
Reptile. Do you really want to play a game where you're a jobber? But yes considering just how old Reptile is...The possibilities are pretty much endless, NRS could come up with anything and it will work.
Great Kung Lao. NRS really would have to work their asses off for me to care about him.
Reiko. Nah, had enough of him in the comics.
Ferra/Torr...Now this is random...Why not Kotal Kahn?
Sareena. Who is that again?
Chameleon. I thought it was Khameleon?
Nitara. Who?

And why such an obscure title like Mythologies? It was pretty bad. SM was better in like...everything.
(holy shit look at reiko's muscles, biceps bigger than triceps)
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Mokap Lives

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Obviously Mokap would be the perfect protagonist for such a game. It's about time that he get's his own game.

Or maybe Erron Black? He’s somewhat popular and has an interesting back story. Playing an immortal Cowboy travelling Outworld as mercenary doesn't sound bad.


I hope Rocksteady is working on a MK adventure game. Cause we know AK was the last Arkham game and we also know that WB Montreal is working on multiple DC projects.

And obviously Ed's first choice will be Scorpion and I'm ok with that.



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Obviously Mokap would be the perfect protagonist for such a game. It's about time that he get's his own game.
A ballsy NRS could definitely do some sort of 'meta' adventure game about Mokap, in which you flip between his somewhat mundane real life and the extraordinary fictional characters he does motion capture work for in the studio. It'd be tricky to pull off, but not impossible. I'm not sure whether there'd be much of a market for such a game, but in terms of vision and humour I think it'd be great. Very art house.


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I prefer Rocksteady to rather work on Batman Beyond to give us perfect Dark Knight title, than MK to be honest. I don't really see an MK character who can be as interesting to play as Batman.

Mythologies title probably could work, but i'll prefer more Streets of Rage/Final Fight/Golden Axe style game, than original Mythologies. Story and setting were ok in original Mythologies, controls and gameplay certainly not.

I would like something like this:
- playable roster:

- story - MK3 or MK2 or the whole Trilogy
- gameplay - 2,5D beat em up 1 - 4 players local and online
- modes - story (1/2/3/4 players, local, online, ai partner), vs, arcade (gameplay doesn't change from 2,5D)
- physics - similar to Streets of Rage 3
- controls:
characters turn around them automaticaly like in all good beat em ups
1 - punch, down+1 - uppercut
2 - kick, down+ 2 - sweep, forward+2 - roundhouse kick
you can get various combos by pressing punch and kicks in different order
1+2 close - throw or back throw
3 - jump
4 - round special - attacks enemies all around you, cost some soul energy (for example Sub-Zero will freeze enemies around him, Kung Lao will spin, Nightwolf spin his axe around, Jax doing light groud pound etc)
5 - back attack - attacks enemies standing behind your back without turning around
6 - item use (med packs and soul containers use itself automatically without button press)
7 - pause/in pause menus/ move lists

special moves:
forward, hold forward = run
forward, forward, punch - special move 1; forward, forward, kick - special move 2 - only physical attacks here, no fireballs (for example Cage will have Shadow Uppercut as special 1, and Shadow Kick as special 2, Liu kang will have Bycicle Punches (MKX move) as special 1, Dragon Kick as special 2)

holding punch for 2 sec and releasing it result in fireball - will cost some soul energy

- medpacks
- soul containers
- MK coins (enough koins = 1 more life)
- extra lifes
only 1 of the following items can be carried at the time, item changes automatically if you choose to get another one, to get item stand over it and press punch
- fatality item - gives you a fatality, can be used by item button, unlike traditional games however, if enemy have a big health bar, this will only cost health to him (so bosses can't be beaten in 1 item) - everything stops and background goes dark when you perform a fatality on your opponent, enemy must be close enough for the finisher. (finishers: Sonya - fire kiss, Jax- clap head, Nightwolf - axe decapitation, Liu Kang - dragon morph, Scorpion - toasty, Sub Zero - freezing uppercut, Kung Lao - hat slice, Johnny Cage - decap uppercut)
- brutality item - similar to fatality, but your character do UMK3/MKT like brutality
- multality item - cost health to every enemy on the screen (multalities: Sonya - dron appears and shoot around the screen, Jax - ground pound wave going through the screen, Nightwolf - god light goes all over the screen, Liu Kang - doing his MK3 fire fatality on everyone, Scorpion - fire goes from Hell through the ground, Sub-Zero - freeze (and shatters) everyone on the screen, Kung lao - throw his hat that fly all around the screen, Johnny Cage - send green shadows with shadow kicks all around him)
- babality item - turns your opponent into a baby if he have small enough health, baby can't be touched.
- friendship - turns your opponent into your friend for 10 sec.
- agressor - you will be quicker and more powerfull for small amount of time


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I'd want a game with the timeline of Mortal Kombat Trilogy with different twists and turns not seen in the old and current timeline.

Liu Kang
Kung Lao
Kitana (Focused on freeing Edenia and Sindel.)
Jade (Focused on freeing Edenia and Sindel.)
Sub-Zero/Kuai Liang
Scorpion (Turns good and turns against the forces of darkness.)
Johnny Cage


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I loved MK Conquest. If they made the tournament into a game where you'd fight with and against the people from MKX until you reach Goro, I'd buy it day one. So definitely one for the Great Kung Lao.


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I would like Rocksteady to make a Nightwing game. <3
But yeah, it could be cool to see what they could do with the MK franchise. I'd be disappointed if it turned into a Scorpion/Sub-Zero game though. :/


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Scorpion and Sub-Zero Mythologies were kind of done in MKX, we previously had Shaolin Monks, Mythologies Sub-Zero and Special Forces.
So, with Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Jax out of the way with action-adventure games, I'd like the next adventure game to focus on someone else.

Perhaps even an action-adventure game based off of 1 or 2 NEW characters for MK11, which serves as an in-between game from MKX to MK11, explaining how they got to where they currently are at in MK11.
It could still have some unlock able classic characters like Shaolin Monks did, and maybe even have the story told in a way where not as much background would be needed on those 2 characters in the next game, allowing for a better story mode that doesn't drag out all the origins for them again in MK11.
I believe that the reason that people gave Quan Chi a better chance than most post-MK3 characters is because Midway first introduced him properly in Mythologies Sub-Zero, thus allowing for people to be better familiar with the character in MK4.

I loved Raimi's Spider-Man movies as well as the new Spider-Man movies, but the biggest complaint that I heard with the new movies is "Ugh, the story of uncle Ben dying again."
The same goes for the new Ben Afflick Batman, given that he's rumored to do other Batman movies after BvS.
People don't want the same story of his parents dying again.
I get the feeling that people don't want the same origin story repeated over and over again, and I'm just trying to find a solution for that while also giving us a fun action-adventure game to play, in-between MK fighters.


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Scorpion and Sub-Zero Fire and Ice will Sell Mainstream Internationally Big Time and is a high possibility IF WB/NRS decide to do another Mythologies. I'd buy it that's for Sure. But if they wanted to try something different that can Sell a Kitana and Mileena Game - The Rise of Mileena and Fall of Kitana exploring everything from their origins to their current MKX status...minus Mileena's demise, I think has a lot of potential too. The lore would be Awesome with so many characters to explore as well, especially if it's a choose your side type thing. Playable Story Characters like Reptile and Jade could also be included as DLC like a Robin Harley Quinn type thing too. The only thing is I can't see this working as a Co op where Co op is still the Best Experience in an MK Adventure game hence Fire and Ice being more likely but if they wanted a rich Single Player game full of content, Kitana and Mileena could do really well.


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Personally I would love to see a Scorpion prequel, that is, a game centred around the things Hanzo Hasashi did before he became Scorpion.

Gameplay wise, such would be the definitive ninja video game.
What I would love to see is a 3rd-person format that mixed the fighting of Mortal Kombat, the open-world maps of Batman: Arham, the free-running of Assasin's Creed and the stealth of Splinter Cell. Rather than a straightforward hack-and-slash, the quests and missions should have morally challenging consequences that will either aid your progress or catch up with you later - all of which will climax with Hanzo's transformation into Scorpion.


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I don't see the need for a Sub-Zero and Scorpion action adventure game.

The stuff that I would have wanted for a Sub-Zero / Scorpion action-adventure game (them putting their past behind them, and taking out Quan Chi) was already done in MKX story mode.
Unless it's an origin story for 1 of them (Mythologies Sub-Zero remake or Scorpion origins), why drag out that same exact "bury the hatchet" story again? Makes no sense, imo.