The Next MK Game Should Have ___ On The Cover


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Last time I checked, MK games that either just had the dragon logo or didn't have Scorpion on the cover also sold well......

Indeed. Look at these covers from past special editions. Tired old Scorpion nowhere to be seen, but instead -- gasp! -- Sindel and Mileena:


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MKA's KE kovers were rivalry themed in nature (such as Sindel/Shao Kahn, Johnny Cage/Goro, etc.)

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I know, unfortunately though, I only own one copy of PS2 armageddon, and it has nobody on the cover. It is just the Kombat symbol with "MORTAL KOMBAT: ARMAGEDDON" above it.


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I'd love Liu and Kitana on the cover for a change. But we all know we're getting Scorpion with a bland cover (like the one from MKX) again. Yawn...


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I'd love Liu and Kitana on the cover for a change. But we all know we're getting Scorpion with a bland cover (like the one from MKX) again. Yawn...

I think they'll take a different approach this time. If they did that again, I would be surprised. I don't see NRS being repetitive like that. I think Raiden, Liu, and Kitana will be featured on the cover, along with Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Something of that nature anyway.
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Why not just let people choose a kharacter when they pre order? I would have loved Kotal Kahn to be on the cover instead of Scorpion.


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^^I'd LOVE that idea too, but In all honesty I want a simple dragon logo on the cover and the words "Mortal Kombat" (and the sequel number).
Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 UMK3, Trilogy, Deadly Alliance, Deception all sold well with just a dragon logo and the words "Mortal Kombat" on the cover.
I don't know why NRS lost faith in their product in this new generation and felt the need to shove characters down everyone's throats. :roll:


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I actually like what 2K is doing with their NBA cover this year. They have 3 cover athletes: Steph Curry, Anthony Davis and James Harden, but instead of having all 3 fit in one cover, its a tri-fold insert so you choose who you want out of the three on the cover. I think it'd be cool for NRS to do something similar, one can be Scorpion since he's the most popular, then maybe Sub Zero on the second insert and then another character on the third. Or maybe just a Dragon logo on one of them to fit the needs of [MENTION=5028]Commander[/MENTION] and the like who prefer a more simple cover ;-)

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I've got an idea, a pretty stupid one though lmao... once I pass my exams and get my computer back from the place that repairs computers (I'm missing a word for that in my vocabulary) I'll photoshop some covers and make them look like "official", it's up to you to take the picture, go to a place that prints them in a nice paper and use it on your copy of the game, if this is something that interests any of you just tell me which character or logo do you want and I'll do it when I get my computer back, but give me time, I tend to forget and procrastinate, I still owe Tanya's Husband a signature, sorry dude :/


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It should have Kitana sitting on a throne with Liu Kang behind her. And if they want to put Scorpion in there then they can put his severed head under Kitana's foot.


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If Sub-Zero ever gets a chance to be on the front, I want it to replicate this picture:


This is my all-time favorite picture of Sub-Zero and one badass looking one as well.


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Someone/thing related to the actual story/theme of the game. And if they really do struggle with putting anyone but their main man on the cover, keep it simple and use the dragon logo.