The mystery of the village keys has finally been solved!


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After trying and trying several different things in konquest, I have finally found out what all the village keys are for. Believe it or not they really are for opening whatever it says they open, but you still end up keeping them anyway after using them. So if you happened to not check around before getting the keys, its unlikely you’ll ever find out what key opens what.

Here’s what each village key opens:

Mystery Key
This key opens the hut where the ninja boy was standing before you talk to him. It’s the hut where you see the first golden chest.

Old Woman Key
The old woman’s hut is simply just right across from the hut you opened with the mystery key. It’s the hut right next to the boy who lost his key.

Parent Key
It’s the hut that’s next to Bo’ Rai Cho’s third school, the one close to the bridge.

I have some videos for proof.

Mystery Key
Old Woman Key
Parent Key

This is all the keys do, they are just for opening those huts, nothing more. It’s just there’s a glitch in the game that prevents them from disappearing from your inventory. Next I will try and solve the mystery of the Netherealm key.
JediRaiden22 said:
Read this -

What do you think? Why they are still in your inventory?

Well I guess that’s also possible, the keys might lead to a secret, but I think it’s just a glitch that prevents them from disappearing. I have actually found six keys and only two of them disappear after use.

Red – parent key (stays in inventory)
Blue – lost kids key (disappears after use)
Gold – old woman key (stays in inventory)
Platinum – mystery key (stays in inventory)

Onyx – key found on dead body (trying to figure out what it opens)

Chaos Realm
Havik gives you the portal key, don’t remember what color it was but it does disappear from your inventory when you use it. It is just used for activating one of those teleport things.

MrBean said:
ok, so what about the colored keys? and the ninja star?

The village, Netherealm, and portal keys are the colored keys. The ninja star I'm still trying to figure out.[/quote]
im guessing the key found on the dead body is located in the same realm, i also , still, have it.

and why not trying something with Noob Siabot with the ninja star....he seems to use them in gameplay....harry carries
I just got the ninja star on a new account I made, if I keep playing it, I'm gona try and ither give it to Noob or Reiko. Those are the only two MK characters I know that have used ninja stars during battle.
the_sim said:
So you don't get anything special after you get all the keys?
Not that anyone knows of. However, these are just keys in earthrealm. I bet there are plenty more out there.
remember when boon or someone said you would have to play it twice to unlock everything. Well some of those keys are back in earthrealm where you cant go anymore. I only have 1 and i think at least 3 are from before you leave the gates. So maybe id have to start over and get them all....i duno.. ill wait for something to happen first before i do that.
Hate to say it but it isnt solved nice work on that stuff but getting those keys are simple think about it talk to everyone and interact with them and you get key...and for shitty rewards of cash. What does netherrealm key open? theres others too. Guess we keep at it
Hey guys, ive been playing Deception for the past two weeks, finishing it, and googled stuff about the Jade key. I read all of this and wondered did anyone do these? Did anyone find the Jade Key, figure out what the Netherrealm key does, give the Ninja star to Noob or Reiko, or figure out what the Onix key does? Answer A.S.A.P xD even though this is 13 years old lol but still.
Likely the MKD Konquest development was continued as long as possible, with new things being added - until all was brought to a halt. That's why several items, quests and areas are in unfinished state (like the one where you search for Kung Lao and Kai). It would be nice for the dev team to at least reveal the original concept for these.