The mortal kombat hd remix crew is now eyeballistic, inc.


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Hey there! So I wanted to provide an update to anyone who’s been following the MK HD Remix thread at

Lots of people are asking us daily if we’re still working together. We wanted to respond to that by saying yes we’ve been working together in an organized fashion and that we’ve actually established our own game studio called Eyeballistic.

Who is part of Eyeballistic? The usual players from the Mortal Kombat HD Remix project:

Joe “Calactyte” Tresca - Creative Director
Justin “Django” Slaughter - Music/SFX Production
Gabe “Bleed” Melendez - Art/Animation Lead
Felix “ArqHawkin” Dejesus Sr/ Animator, Character Rigging
Cristiano “CrisBerserk” Nascimento - Material Design/Lighting

We also added some new faces

Jeremy Ortiz - Lead Character Modeler, Environmental Artist
Greg Muth - UI/UX & Graphic Artist, Photo Retoucher

Also our engineering/programming team

Joe Strout - Principal Engineer
Michael Summers - Senior Engineer

This is all we can say right now but within the next few months we’ll have some exciting news to share with you. 8)

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