The last 6 years in retrospect


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First off, let me say that this was one the best forums I've ever been to, and have had the privilege to be a part of.

Now then, back on January 11, 2005 I joined this site, having received my copy of Mortal Kombat: Deception just that past Christmas. This was my first ever involvement with a forum or message board of any kind, so I didn't know what to expect. What I found were some of the coolest, strangest, and overall most awesome bunch of characters I've ever met. The early months were pretty rocky (and I'll admit I was a bit of an ass), but the staff were kind with my antics, even after I apologized for causing trouble on the forums. Thank you Jeff, Pat, and Deathcore. After that I was sucked into the sports and wrestling board, my second home next to the main MK discussion. There, I met up with fellow wrestling enthusiasts Darth Sadistic, Phenomenal One, and Special Forces, where we discussed who deserved the WWE title and is John Cena the next Rock. Great times were had by all!

Time passed and it was now October 2006. Mortal Kombat Armaggedon just came out and the forums were in a buzz, but there was something wrong. New threads and posts started to dwindle. Old vets were starting to post less and less, and the new members had barely anyone to show them the way or keep them in line. So I ventured on from this forum, hoping that i would one day turn around.

Flash forward to November 2008. I had been back to the forums for about a year, and all the buzz of the newest MK game was coming to a head. The result was less than stellar, but instead of people leaving the forums were spammed with hate threads for the game, and the forums were split into who loved it and who hated it. It was about this time that some of my favorite forumers were leaving or already gone. I decided to stay on instead of leave and see if the fighting would subside. The fighting would continue for the next couple of months until activity just keep getting smaller and smaller. Soon there were about 30 users popping in daily, mostly just to see if there was any news about a new game or if Midway was going to fold. So 2009 closed with me once again leaving the forums, seemingly for dead. How wrong was I.

Flash forward to now. I came back (ironically) on my 6th anniversary here, and lo and behold the site is hopping! Midway may have been sold and the name may have changed, but the new Mortal Kombat looks amazing! Everyone, including myself, is excited about this new game. It harkens back to the days of yore but with a new, graphically pleasing twist. New users, young and old, have made the forums lively again. And the old, wily vets like Daethcore, xXJadeXx, and K1LLKANO are still around, still being awesome.

So, I'd like to end this retrospective by thanking everyone, past and present, that has made my time here the most fun I've ever had on the internet (aside from the porn, of course LOL), and has made me keep on coming back for more!

Here's to the forum! Long may it live, through thick and thin!

Aldo Moreno

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I agree with you. This is the best forum I ever been too. If I would of said that emotional things on other forums they would flame the hell outta me. When I was 14 and 15, I would try to make a point of something and they would ignore me because my age or they said, "mmmmm your 14?". Then if I say one cuse word they would say I am flaming.

I love this forum because people here agree with me and don't care about my age. I acutally trust SOME people on this forum tho. I love how a lot of people helped me out when I was going thru hard times. I also think I am big part of the website as well when it comes to memebers.

Sure there on flamers on here, mean people, and people who don't agree with what I say but hey, this is still a badass website. I am going to stick to this website.

I love TRMK.<33

EDIT: I gave you rep bro.

Love Cowboy

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If you thought this place was wacky in 2005, you should have seen it back in 2003 before its one-year hiatus. Talk about unruly. I guess it's good that there's some semblance of order these days; there's certainly some things from back then that were particularly annoying. But still, sometimes I find myself longing for at least a bit of the chaos...


Dude, the good old days, were when Ethix, GuiltybyDesign, Prophet, Kore, and all those bums were around... This place was sizzling back then... Even when Kryptonite and Khaos were flaming everyone hilariously this place was going crazy... Some stuff now that people post is just plain absurd...

Killer Ryno

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Ive actually known about this forum ever since armageddon, im actually surprised i never made an account, i guess i was just busy on gamefaqs :p now this is pretty much the only forum i visit now :D


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What no shout out? c'mon homie, i've been here longer than Jade! haha

I'm cooler ;P

Nice post, this is the best MK forum I have ever been a member of. Great peeps all around. Some....odd new members within the past few months but, hey, activity is activity, no matter how odd.

Vixen and I are the nice mods, the rest of you are the mean ones <.<