The Kombat Games: Introduction


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Everyone comes from the ship. On Kamawauchi Island.
The island where The Kombat Games start.
An adventure starts on this island.
The kontestants are rumoring about the games.
Who is dead first? And who will survive?

Everyone is silenced.
Shao Kahn goes further:

"This is The Kombat Games. We are on Kamawauchi Island. The island where you will fight for your life!"
Shao Kahn takes an deep breath.

"I will instruct you!"

"This is the map! It is divided into 9 pieces!"
[map will come later]

"Also...there will be only one person standing! And I will give you a tip! Don`t go on the Krypt!"
"And always be aware...of killers!"

"And everything will finds in these bags!"
Shao Kahn points at the 57 bags.
"Take the bags. It contains maps...and everything will need!
"You have only 10 minutes the time to take the bag and flee. You don`t have to take an bag - but it will become handy.".
"And it starts...NOW!"

Everyone sprints to the bags. Takes one and flees to an section.

"the Kombat Games...ARE STARTED!".
- Every mortal kombat kharacter (except: Kratos / Freddy Krueger / Shao Kahn / Shinnok / Quan Chi / Goro and Kintaro) will be playing in the Kombat Games.

- Every kharacter fled into one of the 9 sections.

- Every 3 days there is an nomination. Nominate the 3 person you would like to see die in the Kombat Games.
How do I participate?:
Just send an pm to me including which 3 kharacters you would like to see leave the Kombat Games. He or she will be killed.
You don`t need to sign up. Everyone can participate in The Kombat Games!
The next elimination will be on 26-4-2012! When it`s 27-4-2012 the eliminations are CLOSED.
If you don`t understand TKG please send me an pm. I will answer it.

The map comes later. I am busy making the map.
Don`t forget to vote! I only got 1 vote yet!
27-4-2012 there will die 3 kharacters!

I will make it unclear who killed who. But if the kharacter dies I`ll show who he / she killed.