The Island: A tale of epic proportions


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Chapter One and two of my epic story starring members of TRMK. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

The island sucked. Natural disasters were a common occurrence, destroying entire villages and killing hundreds. There were even dinosaurs. Some insane scientist decided it would be a good idea to recreate carnivorous dinosaurs and release them across the island.

DCP had no clue why his people didn’t just leave and find a new place to live. He didn’t understand what drew them to this desolate death trap. Every time he talked to his father and grandmaster of the village, Rockhardmilkgun, he would just here a generic response, like “good fishing,” or “seclusion.” The one he was hearing now, however, would forever be known as the stupidest answer ever conceived by a human being.

“It is safe,” his father replied. “Other parts of the world have roving groups of bandits, and the citizens are unruly.”

DCP couldn’t contain his anger any longer. “Bandits! We have fu*king velociraptors! Daily earthquakes! And you call this safe! Are you out of your goddamn mind!?”

“Do not doubt the safety of our home. We are protected better than you could possibly imagine.”

Now he’d had it. “You know what? When you show me what makes this place so safe, I might change my position in regards to the sensibility of staying here. Until then, this place still sucks.” DCP left without another word.

“I sometimes wonder,” Rockhard said to himself with a sigh. Suddenly he felt a stir beside him.

“Is he ready? Should I show him?”

“Ahh, Webster, it is you. I think it is time, but he needs to find out for himself. At the same time though, he needs protection. Go with him, but stay in the shadows and don’t reveal yourself unless it is absolutely necessary, that is what you do best.”

“I shall do my best.”

“I know you will. You should get ready to leave. I have a feeling he will leave today, and if he’s ready, then it will guide him.”

“Of course, grandmaster.”

Rockhard, watched, amazed, as Webster vanished melting into the shadows of his humble cabin. “I pray for both of you, stay safe,” he said, aiming his words at no one in particular.

Meanwhile, DCP was in fact, preparing to leave, but he had no intent of going alone. “Alisa, I’m leaving the village for a while, probably just a few days. I need to get out of here for a while.”

“What’d you do this time?” she asked.

“Nothing, it’s just my father. I swear that he loses his mind whenever we talk about this stupid island... Wait a sec, why do you always assume that whenever I leave, it’s because I’m in trouble?”

“Please, your always pissing off someone in this village. Remember AMKproductions?”

“Right, you know it’s a real bad idea to tick off an ice ninja. My fingers still feel frozen.”

“Next time you better not knock over his ice sculptures. Anyway, what’s the real reason for you talking to me?”

“I just wanted to let you kn-”

“No you didn’t, you leave all the time without bothering to tell me. Is the island too scary for you?” she said teasingly.

“No way, it’s not that,” DCP said defensively.

“Then what is it?”

“It’s just, you know, well, okay. Maybe it is scary as hell out there. What do you expect? There’s dinosaurs running rampant and a volcano in the center of the island and natural disasters and-”

“Lets go,” Alisa said, cutting him off, “no need to defend how weak you are.”

“Hey! I’m no-”

“It was just a joke, you really need to learn to understand when people are poking fun at you.” Your more serious than your father.

“I’ve got a great sense of humour! What are you talking about!”

“Let’s just go,” Alisa said with a sigh. “Someone else can teach you how to take a joke.”

And so the two of them left the shelter of the village for the dangers of the island wilderness. But neither one of them noticed the irregular shadows given off by the trees around them. And not even the shadows noticed the thin wisps of smoke behind them.

End chapter One.

Chapter 2: Battle Stations!

“They’re still on us sir.”

“How is that possible? We made a random jump! There’s no way one of their ships could have followed us!”

“Well they just did sir.”

“How far away is the ship?”

“It’s not just a ship sir. It’s an entire battle division. They’re heading straight for us. ETA in abou-”


“What the hell was that!”

“They’re here sir. The aliens are on us.”

“I guess it’s finally time. Get on the horn, tell the men to man their battle stations. We take as many down as we can. I’m not losing without a fight!”

“Attention! All personnel report to their battle stations and prepare for combat! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!”

“Oh, and PizzaMasta, get me Alpha Team. Our scanners show a planet much like earth just a little ahead of us. I’m going to try and land us there, but I’ll need someone to secure us a landing zone.”

“Yes sir! Alpha team report to the bridge! I repeat, Alpha Team report to the bridge! Chief -Unknown- needs your services! They should be up in a few minutes sir.”

“Good, now how are defences doing? Allbis! Report!”

“Our cloaking system is holding out well sir. Our gungnir missiles have crippled two of their ships. I’m using the accelerator cannon to finish them off.”

“Great work. If we survive this, your due for a promotion.”

“Thank you sir! Wait a sec... scanners show numerous small ships incoming. They look like boarding craft. Why would they try and board us? The aliens never capture, they only destroy. Sir?”

“Maybe they want our cloaking technology. Just make sure they don’t get on board.”

“Yes sir!”

How did they find out about Alpha Team? That’s the only reason they’d have for boarding our ship. But the enhancements were done right before lift off. They didn’t even leave with us. There’s no way the aliens could have found out about them, is there?

“Sir! Alpha Team is here.”

“Thank you PizzaMasta. At ease soldiers.”

“Sir, you needed us?”

“Yes DJK, I do. The aliens are after us, and it seems like they brought have their goddamn fleet with them too. Prominence is a beautiful ship, the finest in our fleet, but even she can’t hold off an entire alien battle division.”

“So what do we do?”

“There’s a small planet just a few minutes from here. It’s much like earth. Our scanners show it to be habitable for humans. I’m going to try and land Prominence there, but I need someone to secure a landing site.”

“Why us sir?”

“When the aliens see a lone drop ship heading for a small planet, they’ll know what I’m trying to do. You’re the only soldiers who can fight them off. No one else can do what you soldiers do. I need the best of the best, and you are the best. You up to it?”

“Of course sir. If I may ask, who will the pilot of our ship be?”

“The same person who got you off of Cerberus IX.”


“That’s right.”

“When do we leave?”

“Head down to hangar 7 now. MKdaz will meet you there. Get in the ship, and wait for the doors to open. Daz will take care of the rest. See you on the ground soldiers.”

“Yes sir!”

-Unknown- watched as the five members of Alpha Team, and his ships last hope, dashed out of the bridge. “I just hope they make it down all right. If they don’t we’re all dead.”

“Do you really think they can do it?”

“If they can’t than no one can. You heard about Cerberus IX, didn’t you Pizza Masta?”

“Yes sir. Didn’t they hold out for hours against thousands of alien troops?”

“They fought until MKdaz saw them during planetary evacuation. They’re our best soldiers, outfitted with our best equipment, and they have one of the finest pilots mankind has ever produced getting them in and out of tight situations. I doubt even the aliens can claim to have a squad of that caliber.”

“Your right sir, I’m just nervous about having all our lives resting on the shoulders of five soldiers and a pilot.”

“Don’t be. They’re our best hope. Just make sure the doors open for them.”

“Right sir.”

* * *

“You soldiers ready for this?”

“You know better than us Daz. You saw us on Cerberus.”

“If that reflects your guys skill on this mission, than -Unknown- has nothing to worry about. Doors are opening in five! Hold on!”

“Hey, DJK?”

“Yes Jade?”

“How do we map out and secure a landing area on a planet that we have zero charts on, and have never once stepped foot on?”

“We go in and get the job done. When we’ve got that landing zone, we’ll write up the maps. Remember, everyone on this ship, maybe even all of mankind, are counting on us. This is a new battlefield. There might be new enemies, there might be new allies. There might even be new weapons. But one thing never changes: Our mission. Our mission to preserve and protect all of mankind against those who would harm it. As long as we keep true to that mission, then even if we lose, we won’t have failed.”

“Yes sir!”

“Now lets go bring our ship home!”

End of Chapter 2

Want to be in the story but didn't get a role? Don't worry, just put your name down and I'll find a role for you. It won't be major like the roles of the people who reserved them, but at least you'll be in the story.

Please leave me feedback. (Including constructive criticism. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings)
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Toxic u the man this is going to be epix. I see my man webster already is mentioned. Cant wait to see my epic Spec Ops team lol

and notice that Alisa said partially lmao


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Thanks for all the great feed back so far guys!

@Alisa, I won't do that, but if enough people want it, I could add a more prominent romance.


Very nice!

I wish I could write like that!

[Tiny small criticism: the word "sucked" in the first sentence, to me, does not fit the tone of the rest of the chapter. What about something like "the island was a nightmare"... ]


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Why was my character not flashing people?

because b,b,b,lp then everyone would need magnifying glasses or super powers of sight to see extremely small things...that's what Alisa told me or was it Jade...oh it was someone.

EDIT: Not bashing Alisa she was just the first female to come to my mind that's on this form...but by all means yes I'm bashing Jade since she's on my Spec Ops team and I'm the leader muhahahahahahahah

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