the history of mk from 1992 to 2011

I agree with the guys in this video 1000%. They worded everything very well.

In fact, one guy described MK3 the best way I have ever heard it described: regrettable.
Why does everyone shit on everything past UMK3? :x
Everything after the main story was "trash"???
That's a bit too much.
I don't know, different strokes I guess.
Everyone wants to suck MKII's dick apparently :laugh:
Cool vid though
They didn't shit on MKDA or Deception. They just said they never quite captured the spirit of the originals.

They were fun games, but you have to admit, they didn't really capture the MK spirit. They did say Armageddon was crap, and it was.

I did think they were a little hard on MK4 because I didn't think it was THAT bad, but clearly MK wasn't ready for 3D yet at that time. And the story was beyond retarded, but I can understand the challenges associated with keeping the franchise fresh at that time.
Run button = one of the best ideas in any MK game

UMK3 = the best MK game, still

this video = lame lame lame.

Casual players = boring
people hate on them because they are not mortal kombat. mortal kombat 4 was the last mortal kombat game, and even that's with an asterisk. like i've said, ed boon said-- in an old 1997 egm--that he was not going to put side-stepping in mk4, but he ended up putting it in. now, had he not put in side-stepping, mk4 would've been 2d mk (even with side-stepping, it's still, essentially, 2d, but mk4 was still a stretch for mk). anyway, as far as the 3d games: that was mk jumping the shark.

it's like, remember when bruce lee died, and because of the bruce lee void all these fake bruce lees (complete with different takes on his name) started popping up? they could do all of the bruce lee sound effects, and they copied his look and the style of his films, but they could never truly capture the essence of the real bruce lee. that's what 3d mk was like, and even to this day, mk9 is still aping mk1-umk3, but all the hokey charm is gone.

I like your comparison, but I can't agree with it.
What makes a "true" MK to you differs from what others define it as.
Mortal Kombat.. is just a fighting game.
While I agree the 2D MK's are the best, not all of us fans started on MK1-MK4 (So, for some fans, the 3D games are the best)
What if there were no 3D MK's?
Then MK9 would most likely have never happened (You can't go back to your roots if you never left them :laugh:)
I love MK from MK1 - MKT and then I didn't like the ones after until MK9 came along.

I will always love the 2D MK games more than anything but MK9 was a great addition to the series and the bit of old school elements they added made me smile. Living Forest ftw.
All MK's are great... but you can't argue with the fact... that all past MK4 MK's looked... awful... the bad 3d grfx made it look like they were ridiculous childish brawlers, while the 2d games from back then had realistic characters and violence... to some extend hehehe, unlike the 3d MK's (except 4) where they're all carToony, badly designed characters (Ashrah, Nitara and BoRaiCho... c'mon WTF!!!) and turned the whole kill fest into a MTV deathmatch parody of it's former self.
One reason why I liked first two games better is because they where complete surprises at the time and I didn't have anything prior to them. For the time the graphics where freaking amazing. It also had so many secrets that it made a lot of people feel like anything is possible.

To be perfectly honest everything past MKII was at least to some degree a let down for me. After MKII I naively thought the graphics would only get better and better but they didn't really improve that much in MK3 as far as I'm concerned and whether or not they where even appeared to be smaller than the previous games. Also much of it was more americanized and cartoony comparatively speaking especially the fatalities such as Kabal's head balloon pop and how when being dismembered pieces of the arms would stay floating in mid air attached to the torso and when you explode someone it showed artificial limbs. The graphics started looking more like they where drawing over it and making everything look more CG'ish than in the previous two games. Also characters like Stryker where lame especially at the time.

IMO it started their downward slide towards being more comic book\cartoon oriented. I still played the hell out of it and enjoyed it but stylistically speaking I didn't enjoy it as much. I also didn't like how they had to replace most of the actors.

I fell into the same trap again with MK4.. there was a lot of hype prior to its release with the 1.2Million Polygons at 60FPS stuff Ed Boon and co. where saying and I thought it was going to do to 3D games what the digitized graphics of the previous games did to other 2D games that just had hand drawn animation but when I saw it it was just another 3D fighting game although the arcade version had higher polygon models than the home versions ended up having. Also they probably shouldn't have put in side stepping and the weapons where rubbish with how easy one lost them from any hit.

I don't care if anyone makes any disparaging comments about me because of my opinion that's just how I feel and it's not going to change even if someone gets upset. Although it's true that everyones opinions as to what a true MK game is differs. That doesn't make people's opinions like mine invalid. I agree with those guys in the video for the most part.

Furthermore the 3D Mortal Kombat's in between MK4 and MK vs DC Universe strayed very far from the style of the originals (even just visually) and had some gaudy or downright terrible looking costumes and the faces in the real time models only vaguely looked human at times and nothing like a real person. They looked relatively OK in the pre-rendered parts and from a distance they where almost passable but when they do a victory pose and zoom up to the face it looked terrible. I think the MTV Celebrity Deathmatch comparision is very apt.

The last two (9 and MKvsDC) to me started looking more like people again although I doubt NRS based them off of any real people. Yes you can't return to your roots if you don't stray from them but that doesn't mean everyone has to pretend to like the period when they did.

I was watching the history video and noticed many of the guys having nostalgia for the first games are 30 somethings now like me. Like the guy who said he was a freshman in high school at the time of MK1. I started playing it the summer before my freshman year in high school the same year it came out.
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MKDA.MK2 and MK9 are my top 3 mk's so far


I have deception but i just think MKDA is better. better arena's soundtracks konquest was even better :) the only let down was one fatality for each kombatant and no stage traps lol. everything else ws good though.
Calling that many of the MK games "trash" is pretty ignorant, but I'm not going to get into a heated debate over the XBox/PS2 era games. I like them just fine (I don't even mind Armageddon) but it's not something I feel strongly enough to argue about.

The addition of the run button did indeed suck.

Shaolin Monks is one of the best co-op brawlers ever and easily the game (not just MK - ANY game) I want to see a current gen sequel for.