The hilarious moments of Mortal Kombat

^ I think he means Johnny Cage's triple head punch in MKII.

Anyway, I would have to say the Cage nut punch is pretty funny.
what triple head punch? he only had ONE head pu..........holy crap in a hat i just saw it on MKWarehouse and i was like (see first four words after long pause above)
Scorpion and Dairous Hara-Kiri's in Deception. Oh, and the fatality where Raiden blows himself and his opponent into a million pieces. Those were so friggin funny.
Any of you ever get a glitch where Raiden's superman went backawrds and you drove them across the screen with his feet? that was good.

Also, the glitches is deception when you pull off a hara-kiri and a fatality at the same time are pretty funny.
Well I met Mortal Kombat when I was 6 or 7 aged.
But the first owned game I had was MK: 4 on the PSX, my brother bought it.
Later I bought MK: 1 on the Snes.

I always liked Lui Kang voice.
And I'm still laughing about Lui Kang face,
Mostley when I see him in a MK4 Fatality of Raiden (Grap, Schok, Boom, Head Poppin out flying up to screen) and when I Play MKSM.
Lui Kang aren't you that monk thats get horney by Kitana and kisses the ass of Raiden?

When I looked to the MKSM cover I getting Lui's voice inside my head and yell at me: ''What the f**k are you looking at me, you mother f****r uh come on''
''Kung Lao: What means WTF?'' ''Lui: You don't know uh Kung Lao, I've been in America''
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