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The Grid is a contest of athletic prowess, sophisticated weaponry, merciless sneak attacks, come-from-behind underdog victories, and revenge served piping hot. Best when played in a group of friends (or enemies), The Grid offers fast-action, first-person, arena-style fury and firepower.

Link up to 6 cabinets with a fast, easily configured, and reliable network. Linked cabinets automatically run multi-player games when several customers play. Unlinked cabinets–or cabinet arrays with only one customer–supply drones in an increasingly difficult moving-target challenge. Drone play difficulty is operator-adjustable, which can encourage players to hone their skills before facing human opponents.

Once credits are accepted and the Start button is pressed, gladiators may enter passwords to retrieve stored personalities. These names are held in memory on the CPU Board Assembly, along with accumulated scores, total kills, cash accumulated, total first-place wins, and other statistics. Anonymous play is
also an option.

Contestants choose from a lineup of eight motley characters (and an alternate crew of secret characters earned after frequent play), each of whom boasts a unique special weapon or defense (i.e., super-stomp, karate kick, temporary invisibility), but generally operate on equal playing fields. Special moves take a few
seconds to replenish after each time the player hits the button on the control panel.

As the battle begins, contestants are trapped in one of many spacious arenas with death lurking around every corner. They must grab from an unlimited supply of weapons and ammo packs strewn about. These goodies float above the ground awaiting the first gunner to retrieve one without getting maimed by an
opponent. Some weapons deal a single killing blow; others wound slowly and require repeated shots. The deadliest weapons reload slowly and require more practice to aim well. Limited ammunition can leave a player suddenly unarmed. A daring weaponless player can judo-flip an enemy to the mat, but this is usually
a last resort.

Armed players must run, shoot, jump, and use special moves to avoid being wounded, while eliminating others to accumulate points as well as piles of cash. Scoring players can then retrieve a victim’s weapon, along with a health-replenishing first-aid kit and a pile of cash—if another player doesn’t scavenge them first. Expired players see a message revealing the killer, and the frenetic emcee frequently announces the high scorer, making special notes of win-
ning streaks. Shortly after death, a player regenerates in the arena with a light weapon in hand—just enough for some self-defense while seeking better weapon.

Player health is tallied at the top of each monitor, cash at the bottom. Earning enough cash “supercharges” a player, increasing speed and fire rate. Even more cash endows the player with “da bomb,” which annihilates all players simultaneously. Games last two-and-a-half minutes, after which the announcer offers his sympathies to the losers and grants the winner a free game. In a first-place tie, the player who won the most cash that round wins.

Contestants whose scores fall too far behind the leader are granted easy-to-aim golden shotguns, which kill with a single shot. This assists weaker players and prevents stronger players from totally dominating every round. This is offset by the ability to collect cash and points to buy secret characters—an incentive to
play frequently with the same personality.

The Grid

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Full character names

Wes Armstrong
Cyrus Kostenko
April Reign
Flint Wilder
Ike Jones
Karasu Tekko
Trixi Cho
Charlie Chillen
The Host
is known as Chuck Smiley

Playing a 1 Player game

How is the single player game?

When you play against the CPU, it's a simulation of several other players. Like playing against other players, you are in the arena against a few of the CPU contestants. To win the match, you must score equal or higher to what the Host requires. The Host announces the score requirements prior to each match. If you win the round, you are qualified to fight in the next level.

How many levels are in The Grid in the single player mode?

There are 10 levels in The Grid. Doesn't sound like much? Each level's got 8 stages, and they get harder. 10 x 8= 80 stages. Don't let that scare you just yet, each level are divided into towers. For every tower you complete, you earn a "Gazillion Dollars" check and move on to the next tower.

So, there are 10 towers with 8 stages in each? How many continues do I have?

Unlike most arcade games that has limited continues, The Grid is calling onto your challenge. Not disqualifying your challenge.

Great. So, when I beat all 80 stages, what's my reward?

You'll be alarmed that they've given you $100,000 for earning your victory through the game. This money is very useful toward building up your created profile. You will unlock playable hidden characters and gain fame in the rosters played in the attract mode. You may beat the game over and over to get more money, fame and characters. Soon you could become a millionaire!
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