The Final Slots

What type of character should be added?

  • The usual, well-known character.

    Votes: 11 68.8%
  • An unknown or unpopular character.

    Votes: 5 31.3%

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So there are two slots left, one for each side. So I want to know who you want to own those last two spots. Name three characters for each side. They can be anyone, popularity is not a factor.

Why three? To see all the possibilities.

Mortal Kombat
1. Goro
2. Kai
3. Mileena

1. Robin
2. The Question
3. Brainiac
If I could choose absolutely anyone, I'd pick Noob, Smoke and probably Baraka for the MK side, for no other reason than they're my favorites after Scorpion and Kitana.

For the DC side, how about the three lamest characters in their repertoire, just because the DC side doesn't matter to me and I feel like being a dick.
MK - Kung Lao, Cyrax and Reptile (he might still be there! I'm not going to give up anyway :p)

DC - Robin, Zatanna and Martain Manhunter
- Kung Lao
- Baraka
- Mileena

- Martian Manhunter
- Green Arrow
- Lobo(hopefully!!!)
MK-Ermac, Fujin or Smoke

DC-Doomsday, Lobo or Brainiac(we all know Darkseid will be in this game at some point)
I would want

Johnny Cage and Booster Gold cuz cmon thier perfect parallels.
Shao Kahn and Darksied (same reason as above)
THe spirit and Noob saibot cuz theyre kind of similiar and they both would fit well.

Please note i didnt put any Batman characters (even though I really wanted too) because they already have 3 from batman and thats enough................

for now.
MK side: Smoke, Noob (because they're my faves other than reptile whose not in the game),or Hornbuckle(just for the element of suprise!)!lol

Dc side: Lex Luthor in some kind of Power suit( you cant have Supe without Lex!), Doomsday, or Bane( He broke Bats back for Goodness sake!)!
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MK: Kabal, SHAO KAHN DAMMIT! SHAO KAHN!, and Sektor. We need bad guys.

DC: Lobo, Darkseid, SHAO KAHN!
Robin is one of the missing; either as Robion or Nightwing, since Deathsroke is in and he is a Teen Titan villian.

I remember back in the orginal posts the names: sindel, Powergirl and Robin were thrown in... I think Powergirl's out now. The names they gave orginally may be completely redundanct by now.
I'll add Kung Lao to my list of 3 for MK, as long as Reptile isnt gonna be in it.

So yeah, Kabal, Ermac, Kung Lao.
i want ed as a playable charecter. he could use his eyebrows like jade's boomerang attacks. ya, boomerang attacks.