The Devils Rejects

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I am a horror film fanatic. I have been really dissappointed with the recent flow of films that pass off as "horror". If their not PG-13 rip offs of Japanese films, then their crappy remakes of good horror films.

Their have been afew good horror films that have risen up and pleasently surprised the harcore like myself. But The Devils Rejects stands above them all.

TDR is BY FAR the best horror film that has been released within the last 15 years. Rob Zombie has truely found his niche with this one. It's an amazing, hardcore (and strangely) beautiful film. I HIGHLY reccomend it.

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So anyway. I had the chance to meet Sid Haig(Captain Spaulding) and Mathew McGrory (Tiny) at Flashback weekend convention in July. I also saw Bill Moseley (Otis) for the second time (I first met him at a convention in March)

I'll be seeing Bill again on October 14 and 15 at Dreamreapers: Chicago.


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I saw the movie yesterday. It's a lot better that the first one. there few parts that are excellent, like the van hiiting the girl on the middle of the of the road, that has to be the best guts ever made, I like the part when the cop goes mad tries to kill the rejects, many good parts. This movie is worth the look because it's nothing like any other movie. It can be quite disturbing also lol.
To bad the transfers to DVD is horrible, it looks grainy as hell. The DTS soundtrack is loud and sounds good.
BTW, in the special features, in the deleted scences, you get to see Rosario Dawson playing a nurse and getting kiiled by Dr. Satan.
well the devils rejects wasnt a good horror movie, im kinda a horror movie fanatic, but anyway, it wasnt really scary, the atmosphere was kinda creepy, but it didnt rock me like the clasics, it was hella funny though, i couldnt stop laughing, everyone in the theatre was looking at me and my freinds, but it was fuckin halarious. not a good horror movie, but its a good movie. good soundtrack too.

ps whats the deal with the cgi blood, that shit was gay.

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The film was designed to be a gritty western/ revenge tale. It was intetionally shifted away from horror.
(Although it is horror at its core)

As for the grainyness. That is intentional. The film is set in the 70's so the grainy look is better for it.

Its not supposed to be one of those shitty new wave teen slashers that they keep churning out.

TDR is a True Balls Out American Tale of Mureder, Madness, and Revenge.