The current 6 characters


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So far there's 6 characters been revealed to us, those being Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus (with Dex-Starr). We've seen their appearances and gameplay throughout E3, and though we saw Flash in the reveal trailer, hints of Captain Cold and the confirmation of Wonder Woman, I'd like to focus on those 6 until we've seen more of those other three.

Here's my opinions:

- Superman: I've never been a fan of Superman, neither his looks nor his gameplay, and his new costume looks worse than it did in the first game. His overall model looks better, but that's the case with all of them.

- Batman: I really like his new armoured look, especially the one where his entire face is covered. And his new winpose is pretty cool too, where he hurls the batarangs at the camera.

- Aquaman: He looks ALOT better in this game. His gearless look is rather bare and basic, but as soon he gets that gear on, he looks awesome! I like how NRS have integrated some water-portals where tentacles come up from, as to show his power over control of sea-creatures, instead of his moveset just being his trident. And that new Super is really cool!

- Supergirl: Like Superman, I've never really been a fan. I would've rather have had Power Girl. She looks cooler and at least doesn't have that "female version of a male character" syndrome about her, even if she is indeed Supergirl from another universe (I think). However, Supergirl carries her look really well in Injustice 2 and her gear makes her look quite cool. I also kinda like how her Trait is her eye-laser, kinda reminds me of Fulgore from Killer Instinct with his massive chest-laser. Also a pretty cool Super.

- Gorilla Grodd: Another character I've never really been interested in, but for a giant gorilla with a thick head and wearing golden armour, he's pretty cool-looking. I also like how he integrates telekinesis into his gameplay so he isn't just another typical heavy hitter, like Bane or Grundy were in the first game. For a large and strong character, Grodd is kinda interesting. However, his Super looks really lacking and boring compared to the others'.

- Atrocitus (and Dex-Starr): I had never really known about Atrocitus, other than hearing his name and knowing he was a Red Lantern. And his companion Dex-Starr is someone I only just learned about at the announcement of this game. At first glance, I wasn't sure what I thought about Atrocitus, but after seeing his gameplay, I can for certain say that he is indeed my favourite of the first 6 announced characters! I've played DCU Online using the Red Ring (Wrath) power, and I LOVE how much it uses blood magic, and Atrocitus has some cool moves showing that in Injustice 2. I love his demonic look, and him having a feline partner that flies about and assists him is incredibly hilarious and awesome! I had hoped Dex-Starr would somehow be included in the Super, but it's alright as it is now.

Atrocitus is a clear winner so far, imo.

What are your opinions on the current 6 characters we've seen so far?
Characters from last game have just as much appeal to me as they did in the last game.

Gorilla Grodd - I was waiting for him to show up in this game. I didn't know he could do anything other than act like a smarter version of a normal gorilla. He's alright, but I gotta wait for his story. Also, do this mean he's good in this game because he was being imprisoned by Superman's Forces in the last game so I doubt he'd work with Superman if this is the sequel.

Atrocitus - Red Lantern huh? Seriously, can someone tell me the difference between what each lantern color can do because other than the trait they represent (such as Yellow representing Fear) they seem to all do the same thing. Not very excited tbh, but that could change.

Supergirl - Currently my favorite so far. She is what Superman should've been in the first game. She's fast, she's strong, and she uses her usual comic book move set. She actually differentiates from Superman just like she does in the TV Show and Comics. I know she'll probably be my main. However, I agree. I wish they used Powergirl instead. From the Powergirl Comic that I read back in 2013, she's a lot different from Supergirl to the point where I really forgot she was an alternate version of Supergirl. She seemed closer to the Carol Danvers version of Ms./Capt. Marvel to me. I really wanted her in the last game and the poll Ed made last year said that she was the most requested. Hopefully she's in the game and separate from Supergirl instead of being a [possible] Alternate Costume.
Characters from last game have just as much appeal to me as they did in the last game.

Which are? :p

Oh, and about the Lanterns:

"- Black Lantern Corps: An army of zombies formed by the former Guardian Scar and led by Lord of the Undead Nekron, the Black Lanterns are dead people resurrected by a black power ring fueled by death. Members of the corps, chosen for their emotional connection to living people, rise to elicit emotion from those people.[8] The power ring enables its wearer to create things made of black light, mimicking powers their users had while alive, and read the emotions of living beings as colors of the emotional spectrum.[9]

- Red Lantern Corps: A group of berserkers led by Atrocitus,[2] the Red Lanterns draw on rage to build constructs made of red light with their power rings.[1][2][6] When they are inducted into the Corps, a member's blood is replaced with liquid fire; members of the corps can expel this substance from their body at will like napalm, causing burns. During induction, their heart is replaced with the ring, so if the ring is taken off (unlike in the cartoon series), the wearer will die. [2] These lantern corps are antiheroes.

- Agent Orange: Former Thieves Guild member Larfleeze (known as Agent Orange) draws on greed to build constructs made of orange light with his power ring, transforming people he has killed into his "Construct Lanterns".[10] This lantern is also considered evil or enemy of good lanterns.[11]

- Sinestro Corps: A group of terrorists formed and led by former Green Lantern Thaal Sinestro, the Sinestro Corps draws on fear to build constructs (based on a target's fears) made of yellow light. These corps are evil and are the enemy of the green lanterns.[12][13]

- Green Lantern Corps: A group of peacekeepers formed by the Guardians of the Universe, the Green Lanterns use willpower to generate constructs made of green light.[14]

- Blue Lantern Corps: A faithful group formed by former Guardians Ganthet and Sayd and led by Saint Walker, the Blue Lanterns use their targets' hopes to generate constructs made of blue light.[7] Blue Lanterns can only have the full extent of their abilities unlocked with a green power ring.[5][15] A blue ring can recharge a depleted green ring, and supercharge a full one.[15]

- Indigo Tribe: A group of nomads formed by deceased Green Lantern Abin Sur and led by Indigo-1, the Indigo Tribe uses compassion to teleport long distances and reproduce the abilities of other Corps.[16] They are good and help the green, blue, and violet lanterns.[17]

- Star Sapphires: A group of female warriors formed and led by the Zamarons, the Star Sapphires use love to create constructs made of violet light. Although the character Star Sapphire was originally a villain, they are good.[18] Their constructs are violet crystals, seeking love in their target's heart and bombarding it with love until they are freed or join the corps.[19]

- White Lantern Corps: Formed by Kyle Rayner, the White Lanterns use life to create constructs made of white light. Corps members, "nothing short of godlike",[20] have reality-altering powers able to defeat Nekron and the Black Lantern Corps."

1. Superman - He looks better than he did in the first game to me. His gameplay is smoother. His supermove is better than the one from the first one but I expected a little more to it but still a great supermove. I still think he needs a little more work done on the suit.
2. Batman - Well I find him to be unique in this injustice and I love his supermove. His suits with armor are pretty amazing. Overall they may have him almost perfect this time.
3. Aquaman - I don't like his look that much but with the gear on he doesn't look that bad. His supermove is one of my favorites so far.
4. Atrocitus - I am amazed by him and his supermove is cool and interesting. I like that he has a partner that can help him. Overall a great character.
5. Gorilla Grodd - I was expecting him to be amazing which he halfway is. I like his moves and stuff like that but they need to add more to his supermove it lacks the awesomeness of the other supermoves. I love his design though.
6. Supergirl - My favorite character so far. She has the best moves and supermove of the game so far. I like her costumes as well. Overall an awesome new addition to Injustice.
Superman -- meh as ever / rehash / utterly untapped
Supergirl -- butterface / uninspired as her brother
Arrocitus -- just short of atrocious
Grodd -- racist / BLM
Aquaman -- some characters should just be let to die
Battyman -- Al-Ben Afleqqi incarnate
I was hoping for Grodd to be in Injustice 1, so glad he's finally in and not a DLC Character.
Supergirl, I'm happy to get a new girl in the roster. Was hoping for Poison Ivy but I'll have to just wait and see.
Everyone else is boring.
Atrocitus is my favorite of the bunch, but I was hoping he'd have a much more demonic look. Right now he looks like a red Apocalypse from X-Men

Grodd looks so stupid, and his super is probably the worst of any in an NRS game, but hearing Mustard's gameplay breakdown about him makes me very interested to try him out. He has launchers for days and his Trait gives him access to projectile invulnerability.
But honestly, once Deathstroke, Doomsday, Killer Croc or Swamp Thing get revealed, I'll forget about everyone else.
Now that you mention it, yeah, I'd also love to see Killer Croc playable this time around, as well as Penguin and Two Face.