The Cosmos Conflict


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An older man sat in a large, white meeting hall. He was seated on one of the many white thrones around the room. He wore a long, gray coat that reached his boots. He had his arms crossed and he brushed his bearded chin with his hand. He also wore an eye-patch over one of his eyes. The man appeared to be old, but his physical condition proved otherwise.
"Father, are you sure this meeting will take place?" His son asked him. The old man never moved his head.
"If something was not right, I would not have brought you with me, Thor." He finally said back. Thor simply nodded. He stood next to his father with his war hammer at his side. The God of Thunder wore a black and red tunic with gold lining. The tunic was partially covered by armor. One of his arms was completely covered with Nordic metal. The other was free of protection. The armor continued down his torso and onto his legs. His helmet was adorned with a wing on each side.

The two Norse Gods waited patiently in the celestial meeting hall. They arrived by the request of El Shaddai. It is not normal for him to call together the other deities to convene. Most of the time, all the supreme beings would argue over who was created first or who controlled what sects of man. El Shaddai and his son claimed North America and Canada. Odin had control over northern Europe and the North and South Poles. (He would always try to convince El Shaddai to hand over Alaska or some bits of Canada. He always refused.) Zeus controlled the Mediterranean and southern Europe. This close proximity to Odin's territory caused a new border to me made, one made of high concrete walls that men cannot penetrate. Ra and his family controlled Africa and Australia. Asia and South America have yet to be claimed. Odin has started into a truce with Ra to expand their territories into Asia until their forces met. Instead of a war, they would draw another border. The Seas were not always the main topic, but Poseidon wishes to have complete control. El Shaddai, again, refused. El Shaddai wants to go ahead and claim South America, but Zeus believes he is entitled to that land, considering that his share is so small. El Shaddai took it into consideration.

Thor looked towards the entrance as he heard two sets of footsteps approaching. The first man came in, wearing a purple and white toga which was pinned with a gold brooch. The brooch had a lighting symbol on it. He stood significantly taller than the woman behind him and had a head of flowing white hair. His beard reached across his chest and toga. Odin stood up and walked over to him. He held out his hand.
"Zeus, how are you?" Odin asked in in his deep voice. The Greek deity smiled and took Odin's gloved hand.
"Oh, the same. More or less." Odin nodded.
"And Olympus?"
"As beautiful as ever." Odin smiled and led him to the center of the room.
"You must invite me some time. You have been to Asgard to many times for me to count." Zeus crossed his arms under his beard.
"Most of them were peace missions." Odin let out a deep laugh.
"That is all in the past now, comrade." The two continued with their conversation as Thor looked at the woman who followed Zeus. She had a gold helmet on and a gold shield on her back. Her helmet covered long, blonde hair. She wore a long, white tunic under her toga. Thor put on his heroic smile and approached her. He knelt down on his knee.
"Athena, you look stunning today, as ever." Thor said, trying to flatter her. He looked up and saw a smirk on her face.
"The same to you, son of Odin. Now can you stop kissing my backside and allow me to pass?" Thor felt his face warm up with embarrassment as he stood up.
"Well, ah. I didn't mean it like that." She walked past him.
"It's alright, I know." She said, winking at him. Thor finally relaxed and let out a sigh as she followed Zeus. He turned and followed her to Zeus and Odin. Zeus turned when he heard Thor approaching.
"Well if it isn't my little protege!" Zeus said, looking down at Thor.
"Yeah, it is good to see you as well, Zeus." He laughed down at him.
"Still relying on that hammer for your power? You should try something that suits a real Thunder God!" Thor shook his head.
"I would rather use my hammer." Thor said. He swung it up and held it in both hands, in a fighting stance. "It is better for smashing the skulls of my enemies. What kind of fun is it smiting people with thunder?" Zeus did not have a response. He just crossed his arms and stared down at him. Thor glanced over and saw Athena staring at him from her father's throne. She had a seductive smile this time instead of a smirk. Zeus finally broke a smile out. He always seemed more fond of Thor than Odin. Most people think it is because Thor is the other God of Thunder.

"I can see everyone has done well to welcome me." A new voice said. Everyone turned or looked up at the man standing in the doorway. He wore the lower half of an Egyptian tunic and he wore an intricate gold necklace. His most striking feature, was the eagle head. Another man stood behind him and he had a falcon head.
"They do not seem intrigued, Ra." The man behind him said. Ra shook his eagle head.
"There is no need for such behavior, Horus. We are all friends here." Ra said, looking back at the group.
"Now it's a festival. The entertainment is here!" Zeus said, laughing at the end of his sentence. Ra walked over with Horus right behind him. Zeus held his hand out to Ra. "My apologies, Sun God. I meant no harm in it." Ra smirked at him.
"I suppose there will no harm in sailing around Europe, with that kind of attitude," Ra said as Zeus' eyes got wide.
"You wouldn't!" He shouted. Ra laughed in his face.
"No, but it was pretty funny." Zeus' anger quickly subsided after the statement. They laughed together as Odin held his hand out to Ra. He took it.
"Ra." Odin said.
"Odin." He replied. Odin never really got along with anybody that well. not like Zeus. He mostly just kept to himself and the affairs of Asgard and his territory. And his sons as well. The only reason he ever talks to Zeus is because of the long history they share, with their people going to war over the territory and such. Odin did not have anything to say or talk about with Ra.
"Well," Horus said, clapping his hands together. "Does anyone know why we're here?"

"In due time, brother." Another man stood in the doorway. He wore a white robe and had dark brown hair. He had a short beard and hair that reached his neck. He had a caring smile that could enchant anyone. Horus turned around to face him.
"We may have to run some DNA tests to verify that." Horus said. The new man shook his head and laughed.
"It is good to see that all of you have arrived." Thor walked over to the man, Athena followed. Thor shook his hand and Athena bowed to him.
"It is always good to see you, Jesus." Thor said. He nodded at Thor and Athena.
"The same can be said for both of you. My Father is on his way right now. He has something very important to discuss with all of you." Jesus said in his caring voice.
"Do you have any idea why?" Odin asked. Jesus shrugged his shoulders.
"He insisted that he should tell you himself." Ra walked over to one of the many windows of the celestial meeting hall.
"He needs to get down here, I've got to get back to work before morning."
"That will be attainable." Said a louder, yet gentler voice. Everyone saw another man appear behind Jesus. The new man rested his hand on Jesus' shoulder. All of them bowed, except for Horus.
"El Shaddai." Zeus, Odin, and Ra said at once.
"You are too kind. Please, take your seats." El Shaddai wore a robe of pure white which matched his white beard and hair. He walked past Jesus and sat at one of the thrones. "Now I believe it is time that I told you why I gathered you all here today."
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