The Complete Mortal Kombat Storyline Reference Guide

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
A new revision to <b>Frank Chan's</b> <i>"MK Saga: How it all Unfolded"</i> featurette, previously featured on the now defunct <b></b> site, has been revived and updated exclusively for <b>TRMK</b>. In this 6-chapter <a href="/features/mkstory/index.php?pid=1">guide</a>, elements of the <strong>Mortal Kombat</strong> storyline are documented in a linear fashion, attempting to further unravel the many twists and turns the <b>MK</b> storyline has produced from the first <strong>Mortal Kombat</strong> to the latest in the series, <strong>Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</strong>.
Fighting games may not tout their storylines as their main selling points, but many fans of the Mortal Kombat series have been closely following the progression of its plotlines, which have steadily progressed into an elaborate universe. Like all stories, Mortal Kombat evolves around the human motivations: greed, betrayal, revenge, honor, self-defense. Up until recently, they were almost entirely written by MK co-creator John Tobias. However, Tobias has since left the development team, and the more recent games' stories, specifically MKM:Special Forces and MK:Deadly Alliance, were released after his departure from Midway. Deadly Alliance was written primarily by John Vogel, with various contributions from other members of the development team. As such, there are a few minor differences in the method of storytelling.
Continue on to <a href="/features/mkstory/index.php?pid=1">learn more</a> from one of the most in-depth analysis of the <b>MK</b> storyline to date. For those interested, the <a href="">History of Mortal Kombat</a> feature is still available on <b>GameSpot</b>.