The Butler


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Now I know I'm gonna get bashed and ganged up on a lot for saying this. Here it goes...

*takes deep breath*

I want Batman's butler Alfred to be a playable character!


I have reasons to back up my wish. First and foremost, it would be cool and at the same time humorous to see Alfred go up against the Kombatants. Second, he has some fighting skill as shown in recent media and comics. Apparently he used to be in the British military.

I know it isn't gonna happen, but I had to say it.
Well yea it would be funny. But we only get 10-11 characters and it's hard enough to condense all of the MK and DC universes into that tiny roster as it is. We don't need joke characters unless we run out of real characters, or else are satisfied completely with the real characters we get.
Yeah, most stories say he has seen action before of some nature or rather... It varies per writer for Batman.