The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup! (NA Registrations OPEN!)


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Welcome one, welcome ALL to The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup, a 1v1 tourney hosted by both I and my friend, Asodimazze. In this tourney, you will have the chance to compete against your fellow users in Mortal Kombat. But only ONE will be the Champion!

(NOTE: To participate in this version of The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup, you must be a North American resident)


In order to participate in the Asod/13 MKIX 2011 Cup, please fill out the following form and either post it or send a Personal Message to either I or Asodimazze:

Name (Your God-given name):
PlayStation Network ID:


I. If you win with a character, you must pick that character for the following round. (EXAMPLE: I pick Smoke and defeat my opponent. The next fight I play, I MUST pick Smoke. After that, I can pick whoever I want).

II. The following Stages are BANNED: Subway, Kratos' Stage, Street

III. If the 50% or 25% Health Kombat Kode is inputted accidentally, the match will be restarted

IV. Superficial Kombat Kodes (Such as Zombie Mode and Rainbow Kombat) are permitted

V. Skarlet is BANNED. This is due to reports of her glitching various aspects of gameplay and freezing consoles, which compromises the integrity of the matches. It's better to not take any chances.

VI. Once the match is over, results are to be reported in the designated thread IMMEDIATELY

VII. Matches are considered over when either player wins 3/5 matches (4/7 for the semi-finals and 5/9 for the finals)

VIII. If there is any discrepancy in the winning of the matches, contact either myself or Asodimazze. If you would like either of us to supervise a match just to be sure, you can also contact us.

IX. The use of ANY glitch or infinite that benefits either player will result in INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION.


It has been decided that prizes will be awarded to the Champion and Runner Up. Exactly WHAT these prizes are, however, are a mystery. We can promise that the prizes will be quite satisfying and are something everyone would like to win, so play for keeps!


You can contact either I or Asodimazze using the PM System at the forums. Additionally, you may also contact us using the below E-Mail Addresses:




Good Luck and Have Fun! We look forward to seeing the results of this tourney! Asodimazze and I have worked hard to make this as fun and engaging for all participants as possible.


Additionally, for those of you in EU, Asodimazze will be running the EU version of this tourney, featuring a second Champion and Runner Up along with respective and identical prizes. Please check it out if you're a resident of Europe!

In the future we will also be organizing a Tag Tourney, which is bound to be loads of fun. Be on the look out for it.

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PSN rocks hommie, go enjoy your discounted DLC, open catologue Cyborg costumes, and XBLA Free Skarlet glitch :)

Adrian Siordia
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if violence cant find this thread i think he might want to join this tourny so i gave him the link.

but if he cant find it i'll sign in for him lol

just kidding hope to see u all in the tournament


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16 players!
This will be a great tournament :)

1) Thirteenthorder
ID = Thirteenthorder
2) DCP
3) Major Logan
ID = MajorLogan
4) DarkSpark
ID = XdarksparkX
5) FlawlessVictory
6) ultimatespidey1
ID = ultimatespidey1
7) AMES32
8) Camoufrage
ID = Condemned92
9) IsItTheShoes
ID = TheIgnited
10) Colonelpizza
ID = Colonelpizza
11) Malitor Greymaulkin
ID = Malitor
12) SaibotMK
ID = SaibotMK
13) NothingRhymesWithCircus
ID = SipMilkOutMyAss
14) tittiemcnuggets
ID = tittiemcnuggets
15) Sheva-Saibot
ID = Wrexial
16) nuth1nmuch
ID = solitude2iz
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